Friday, March 21, 2008

Paddling in...SNOW?

Just got home from a mid-day paddle and finally managed to warm up my digits (painfully). Launched from Comox Valley Kayaks around 1 pm and turned directly into the wind and chop on my way out to Comox. COLD wind combined with clounds moving in meant that I missed my window of warm sunshine and had to buckle down to keep on track. In between gusts I enjoyed the amazing view of the Beaufort range and an eagle feeding frenzy along the shore of Dyke Rd. Tooo cool! I counted over 40 mature and young eagles before losing track. Not sure what they are eating but there was also a flock of mallard couples around and I have heard they tend to be a tasty eagle snack at times:((

I tucked into the Comox Marina to take shelter and warm my chilled fingers in my armpits for a few minutes. It did the trick and in no time I was turned around and heading back. Didn't want to stray too far as the wind and waves had gotten a bit more wild since I launched.
What's this...a SNOW storm coming right at me!! That's right, I experienced snow while kayaking for the first time. Couldn't stop laughing...tried to capture it but the pictures don't do it justice at all...
Tried out my racing boat for 2008 and a wingblade paddle for the very first time. Racers swear by these crazy paddles and some of the research shows they can increase output by 10% using the same energy input. Sold! But wait...they are crazy. Got a quick lesson on how to paddle and avoid swimming while using these super scooped out blades. And after my first stroke I realized that the word for the day was going to be::CAREFUL. So, I took it very gradual and felt the paddle to see where it wanted to go...totally different technique than a standard paddle. After a while I got the hang of it and by the end of the paddle I had a good flow going. But man, am I going to be sore tomorrow. Lift the elbow and wing out to the side...repeat 3000 times.

Heading to Tofino with my sisters tomorrow for a girls weekend!!! That means a break from dirt but there will be plenty of sand and surf to play in:)

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Karen said...

Great Post! That snow/hail storm was pretty hilarious.