Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Great Run:)

Man did I start my weekend with a fantastic spring run this morning! Up out out the door early (7:30 am is early for me on a Saturday), Pascale and I took off to Nymph Falls for a mountain run up the base of Wood Mountain (aka Forbidden Plateau). Starting at the fish hatchery on Forbidden Plateau Rd, we began with a gentle 15minute warm up -chatting and stretching out our legs in the beautiful sunshine:). I must admit I was feeling the effects of gravity pretty much instantly as we had boosted the amount of weight we were carrying in our packs today-to simulate AR conditions. That, combined with the aftermath of my first dynamic power weight training workout of the season last week, got my attention p.d.q. But, alas, we began our uphill session with sunny smiles on our faces:)
To the base of Forbidden Plateau: we entered the 'Punisher' trailhead off of the dirt road that goes out to Medicine Bowl's. Up -Up -Up we began our climb up the downhill bike trail, twisting and turning, up and over roots and big fallen logs. Half way up the trail and we hit snow that was getting silly to run in so we got back onto the road and continued to the top. It was a painful reminder of why I am not a road runner at heart. Not the most exciting ascent on the planet...
1:40 later and we were at our summit-the old lodge at the Forbidden Plateau ski hill- for a drink, a snack and a quick photo squinting into the fantastic sunshine:)

Our descent flew by as we beatled it down the mountain road to stretch it out and work on a speedy turnover. Yeehaw! After the 10th switchback, I was counting down the turns to the bottom of the hill, however. Kicking up mud from the spring thaw our joints survived the first of many punishing descents as we train for Kussam (or something). Home in the sunshine once again and we wrapped it all up in 2:40. Getting there...

DON'T FORGET! The Merville 15km race is tomorrow morning! For those who crave a bit more speed that the smooth lines of a country road provide the Merville race is the place to be!

Looking forward to my Sunday morning ride...if we can find a clear patch amongst all this fresh snow...


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