Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring has sprung:)

It is official in my world...spring has sprung! My daffodils are ready to burst, there is an orchestra of new birdsongs in my backyard and man oh man was it a beautiful 10 degree sunshiney day today! Yippppeeeee!

The ELM Spring Program (http://www.elmhealth.com/upcomingevents.html#APRIL) registration is underway and I am excited about bringing back many of my favorite clinics this April & May: Trail Running, Fitness Bootcamp and Womens Only program details are all posted on the ELM website...check it out and register early to save your spot!

Our Womens Fitness Retreat in Tofino June 13-15th is already filling up with only 2 spaces left! This years event promises to be filled with fun, fitness and fresh westcoast fare! Not to be missed:) http://www.elmhealth.com/wellness_retreats.html#Surfing

I had a great 3 days of warm, sunshiney training with my buddies this past weekend...

Saturday: Cross country run in Cumberland...through Space Nugget, Mats Trail, Entrails, behind Allan Lake to Trent River Main and towards Nikei mountain...unfortunately there was active logging taking place on the mountain so we couldn't climb to the top!!! Brutal. Is no hill sacred?? Anyways don't mind me...it was a great 20ish?k run with the group then I tacked on an extra half hour to make it 25ish:) Home for a quick snack and then off again to meet Pascale for the first paddle of the season!! A beautiful afternoon to be on the water. I had forgotten how fantastic the view of the mountains is from the water! Across to Royston wrecks for a quick paddle to refresh the muscle memory and start building up those paddling hands:)

Sunday: Tried to ride with the rats...but...don't want to admit this...got all the way to the dam and discovered I had left my front wheel in my driveway. I hope this makes you feel better for all the stupid things you have ever done.

Worked out for the best as Pascale and I did a nice long ride (3.5 hours) on our own and after the longest transition in the history of Adventure Racing we were on our bikes on the Pipeline heading to the dam once again...via Bevan & Bears Bait trails...then from the Dam we climbed the road up to Branch 21...up up up...past big men pushing their big bikes wearing big armour and carrying their big helmets....(love that) we made it to Pond Pass and pushed through snow to our summit at Monkeys. Then it was downhill all the way through Lower Monkeys, The Plunge, Johns Trail...and of course back UP Cable Hill and out to the river trail for the ride back home. Woooo hoooo! The first big climb of the season and I am ready for more! Love the up..can take or leave the down...

Did I forget to mention I was wearing those clippy bike shoes for the 2nd time ever?? Serious stuff. Not convinced yet. Don't like them at this point cause I feel like wolf caught in a leghold trap. In fact I sounded like one as I flung myself into the bushes multiple times as the apparent result of some neuronal deficit which does not allow my brain to tell my left foot to unclip. But the theory is there and so I am willing to keep trying and waiting for proof that I will save energy, generate more force, and be faster for it.

Stay tuned.


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Yan & Kim Senechal said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading this! Glad you found someone who can keep up to you with the Adventure Racing! Way to go!