Friday, March 7, 2008

Building a Better (BERG) Bike

Hola Amigos!

Sorry for the looong break between posts...things have been busy around the ELM world with road trips and preparations for our upcoming Spring starting in April.

Last weekend Brad, Yuki and I went to Victoria to spend time with my family-well really all we do when we go there is eat and shop! On the way down we made a detour to Cobble Hill to meet with Al Bergman, owner of BERG bikes - the islands up and coming specialty bike builder. For those of you who missed the excitement last October-I won a credit with BERG bikes at the end of the MOMAR adventure racing season as a super duper grand draw prize (you can search back in the old posts for a nice shot of my shocked face when I actually won something).

It was excellent to tour the shop, check out the bike building process and get measured up for my new bike. Al is a wealth of knowledge and his passion for high quality bikes and components just gushed out of him. It is this passion and knowledge combined with expert craftmanship that come together to create a BERG custom bike!
Al and I used to fight fires together at the Rapattack base in Salmon Arm, however he suffered a life altering injury that changed his life, his career and his future. His story is one of inspiration, motivation and passion that blows my mind and uplifts me in everyway. Once you hear it you will always find inspiration when you need it.
"Perhaps you might be wondering what a guy in a wheelchair is doing building and selling quality bikes. Well, we need to go back a few years to figure this out..." Follow this link to read Al's story
I have learned a great deal about life from Al...even though he may not know it. Thank you Al:)

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