Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring? Come ON already...

Well yes, spring is teasing us with a nippy chill in the air this weekend. Come ON I am so ready for 10-plus weather!

Regardless, Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run in the foothills of Forbidden Plateau. Pascale, her pooch Jack, and I climbed to the top of Tomato Creek to reach the most amazing view up Comox Lake to the might Comox Glacier...on a clear day this view really takes your breath away. Man oh man do I feel lucky to have this in my backyard. From Tomato Creek hill we crossed the CL logging road and trekked up Arbutus trail...well we found our own loooong route which gave us more amazing views of the lake, the mountains and the Glacier. Up Up Up we climbed on with sunshine on our faces over rocky outcroppings on our way to the summit. I thought I was hearing voices...and I was! We ran into some fellow 'Rats' who were heading our way so we joined forces and ran a few miles of trail together. Made our way to Branch 21...PondPass...and downill all the way home. Managed to shoot a bearing that got us home through the bush to our car...good but small start to navigation training in 2008. 2.5hours total time.
We don't know what we are training for at this point as we may not be able to get a team together for this years Full Moon in June. But we are having fun anyways!!
Sunday:: Bike ride with the Rats...F.U.N.! From the dam we did the B21 climb (once again) and downhill via Lower Monkeys yadda yadda yadda...2.5 hours total time. Figuring out how to ride with these leg hold traps one ride at a time. I am getting a bit more confident and I have figured out that I can ride without being clipped in cause my shoes are super gripy with Vibram soles! I must recommend the peddles that have a flat base AND a clip in the centre so I can still ride rather than having to drag my bike along when I freak out and unclip on technical or steep sections. I must admit...I have regressed. My fearometer is set WAY higher now that I am attached to my peddles. It is painful but true. I can only hope that I will be back to my usual riding confidence no time...
Gotta Go! See you sooooon:)

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