Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Q&A and weekly wrap up...

Here are some shots from Thursday morning Bootcamp. We are somewhere in Comox...anyone know this spot? It is awesome for building leg strength...once you get over the pain those stairs dish out!

Look at this action shot! Jacki is jumping and Maureen is in the eccentric phase of her jump squat. Killer!

Carol completing her 'split squats' after running up the stairs...what goes up must go down!

Stewart digging deep into his second set of push ups...

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have lot's to gab about today so here we go....
It has been a great week so far and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with friends & trails. Finally the temps warmed up and I am thinking I might actually go for a real life outside mountain bike ride this weekend! We will see how the weekend pans out but I am planning the following: rest day today (much needed as my legs are fatigued after too much impact/speed work over the past 2 weeks) along with acupuncture c/o Michelle Hughes at CV Acupuncture...1:45 trail run on Saturday...2hrXC bike ride Sunday...

This week I squeezed in: Z3 intervals at the track on Monday in subzero temps (wore my fleece pants and winter jacket for the first 20 minutes!) 4 * 5upperZ3 followed by 3lowerZ3...v.gross feeling to suffer through that much lactate but I know I have made some serious physiological adaptations with that one!
Strength with my Bootcamp recruits on Tues/Thurs
Stretch and CORE with SCORE on Tuesday
Z1Run and Z5 intervals on the Bike as a brick on Wednesday
Z3 Repeats at the track with N4S on Thursday...we had fun working on our sense of 'pace' last night!
Ok if you haven't noticed...I have been a super blogger lately! With multiple blogs each week I am having lot's of fun posting. I have just added a couple of gadgets to my blog on the right hand side >>>> for you to check out. A map of my visitors (cause I am itching to know who is reading this and wow- check that out!) and a list of blog followers in case you want to give me a shout out!, and a list of my 2009 Race Plans!
I have a question for you have any fav blogs that you follow? I need some new blogs to follow! I would love to hear what your favs are...send them my way puleeese (post or email
This has been fun for me and I hope you are enjoying the friday lecture series here at 'UELM'. I have to make this one quick this week cause I have SOOO much to do today! Here goes:
Q: How do I get rid of 'THIS' (making a face and pointing at midsection)? signed- EVERYwoman.
A: I get this one at least once a week so I thought I would put your theories to rest once and for all.
There is no such thing as 'spot reduction'. You cannot crunch away, will away, shake away or wish away body fat from a specific area on your body. AND HERE IS THE REASON WHY: Apolipoproteins. Yup. These proteins are basically address labels on your fat cells that determine where you will store body fat first and, of course, where you will lose it last. AND the can THANK YOUR PARENTS. That's right, these address labels are genetically determined. So, call up your mum or dad today and thank them. Then start to work on your 'caloric deficit'.
Not unlike Mr. Harper, you too must take steps to create your own personal deficit in order to reach your goals. You must spend calories and cut back on savings ... you must spend (burn) your way into a caloric deficit in order to shed body fat! Simple but ohso true, the only way to get rid of excess body fat is to consume fewer calories than you expend. That way, your body dips into it's reserves (aka the Fat Pantry) to provide the energy it needs. Let it! But, drastic measures are NOT necessary and NOT effective for long term success. Creating a small deficit every day and every week will add up to successful weight loss over the long term.
THE BEST WAY to do this: Create a 500 calorie deficit every day through a combination of intake and output (diet and exercise). Eat 250 fewer calories (2 beers) and burn 250 extra calories (30-45min run) in addition to your current routine and you WILL lose body fat. Sorry...there aren't any magic potions, lotions or gadgets in this equation.
But deep already knew that...didn't you?

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