Sunday, January 18, 2009

Froze my Face Off Today...

Ever had a slurpy FACE? Multiply the classic slurpy head by like 100 and that is what my face felt like today while riding down Mission hill on my mt. bike into town. All I could think was 'make it stop!'. Although the sun was shining something serious this morning, the radiating heat coming through the windows fooled me silly into thinking it would actually be warm outside. So, I was underdressed and overiced on my XC bike ride today. And to think I almost wore shorts!
When I got outside I realized it was ZERO degrees and colder in the shade. Oh well, I could suffer through a short downhill ride then I figured I would warm up after I picked up Arran in town and we started climbing up to the pipeline. Nice theory. In hindsight I should have returned home to grab my subzero marsupiall mits (with the little hoods for your fingers that block out wind) and my neoprene shoe booties, and probably another core layer! But, no, I thought I could suck it up. Well I guess I did but I sure came close to tears when the burning kicked in on my fingers and toes. Nothin you can do to warm em up so onward you go. You know that feeling? Numb would be better than the sensation like you dropped a car on your toes as the blood tries to recirculate into those frozen bits... OK OK enough complaining! As if Arran didn't tolerate my whining enough today during the ride.
So, we rode a great XC ride out the pipeline and nearly to the dam before crusty snow made us turn back. The blue sky and sunshine made the numbness tolerable and we spent 1.75 hours chatting at 'Zone1 catch-up-with-your-friends and build your aeobic base pace'. There were a tonne of folks out enjoying the sunshine with their friends and families! We humans need that good old Vitamin D and mother natures sun kisses.
Hey...have a great week!

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