Saturday, January 17, 2009

The YETI race report!

Audrey strolls off course post race....

The team poses post race....
Audrey sprints past Bonnie to beat her to the finish...

Bryan Tasaka's Atlas racing shoes on my feet....thanks Bryan!

Warming up with Korky and Audrey...

We had a bit of a...umm...rough start to the the video and you will see me take down my teammate Sarah Burrell HARD right after we crossed under the start gate...sorry Sarah! Nice captain...

TEAM ELM headed up to the mountain this morning to partake in the annual YETI snowshoe race. This was our 3rd year putting in a team and we had another rowdy roster of ELM Women rip roaring ready to go: Sarah B, Gail M, Korky R, Lo L, and Audrey E and moi. What a great day for a snowshoe run! It was CRAZY hot up you can't even imagine if you have been hiding out down here under the fog and have not been up the hill this was like a hot summer day and I was totally overdressed in my subzero tights, longsleeve layers and gloves. I was sick I was so hot. But man it felt good to be warm! If you need some vitamin D then you should drive up the hill asap!

We took on the 5K course based on previous years pain levels and rushed in to the start area right before the GO was called. We seemed to have left town a wee bit late... Superstart Bryan Tasaka, MOMAR race director, was onsite helping out with race registration and he graciously offered to let me break in his brand new Atlas racing snowshoes!! And man were they fast! Thanks Bryan! Lighter and narrower than traditional snowshoes, these babies were like feathers (so that doesn't explain why I was still hacking up a lung on the course...).

The start was ridiculous and hilarious as I took down teammate Sarah B while trying to video tape the race start. Then I struggled to take any footage for a while as we huffed and puffed ourselves straight up the guts of the mountain for 15minutes. The course was reversed this year so we gained all of our elevation right off the start. Which some didn't like so much but which I loved! That meant the majority of the distance was downhill! Anyways it was still split about 15 minutes UP and 15 minutes down and my deets were:

Finish time 33minutes...average HR 187bpm...max HR 194...that's as high as she goes!

We weren't able to hang around for awards and prizes so I will have to update you on our Team results once I get ahold of them.

All in all a great way to spend the day- fresh mountain air, glorious sunshine, a great workout and good laughs with friends!

See you there next year...for the 10k!!


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