Monday, January 5, 2009

SCORE changes days

Hello and Happy Monday!

More snow. Hurray. Now I have to start doing my 'Pineapple Express' dance to get the great thaw going before classes start up again this Thursday!

I had a great workout following my early Monday morning semi-private training session at the CV Wellness Centre gym. The treadmill has been my friend and my enemy over the past few weeks. I always prefer to be in the woods but the treadmill is awesome for those workouts that track speed and distance in detail. I completed a Zone 3 (anaerobic threshold) workout on the treadmill. After a warm up I completed 5 minutes at the top of my zone 3- (about my 8-10k race pace) then took it down a mere 5 beats per minute for 5 minutes...I completed 4 of these wicked sets and yes, I nearly died. But survival is a wonderful feeling and I am stronger for it! A home based body weight supercircuit of pull ups, handstand push ups, twist crunches, double arm hang/torso rotations, box squat jumps...max *3 and a sweeet stretch finished it all up.
You can bet that you will see something like this in your future very soon...I am always creating new workouts for you:)

SO! SCORE has just been moved to TUESDAYS from 4-5pm due to a recent schedule change at ELM. I hope this means you can join us starting next week!! This class is the perfect combination of Core training and flexiblity! Strengthen weak core muscles and lengthen tight and short muscles to emerge from winter a more functional and balanced YOU! Register soon so we can get this show on the road! fmi...


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