Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A (GREAT) Quote for Wednesday

Do me a favor and don't bother TRYING.
You either DO or you DON'T.
-Unknown guest on the Oprah show - episode about the 'Secret'.

Seriously!! This is my favorite quote. It may seem sharp or harsh but it really is the stone cold truth. When your friends invite you out and you say you will 'TRY' to make it...are you really going? When you say you will 'TRY' to eat more fruit and veggies...are you really going to? When you say you will 'TRY' to go to the gym...are you really planning to go?

The truth is that 'trying' leaves the door wide open for failing. We CHOOSE yes or no many times every day. We CHOOSE to do or not to do. We CHOOSE to act or not to act. We choose to say yes or to say no.'s OK either way! I am not saying we can't say no. What I am trying to say is that we must accept that our actions are based on CHOICES that we make each and every day.

Thank you for CHOOSING to suffer through my Wednesday rant:) Carry on!


Audrey said...

Ok, I think I remember this episode of Oprah! It was the one about Self employed people with no kids!!! LOL!! Cause it was definitely not about Mom's juggling 3 children, housework, shiftwork, Ironman training, husbands working out of town, and the daily unexpected events that come up like, "Mom, I have a birthday party in 2 hours, I need a present and ride". Or "Hi, this is the school calling, your child has fallen and broke his arm and is on his way to the hospital, can you meet him there?" episode cause they should have had me on the show!!! LOL!!!! But seriously, all we can do is "Try", if not we mom's would feel so left out of the plans. It makes us feel slightly included.... Cheers, Audrey

Sarah said...

HA! Choice words from a Supermom! I can always count on my participants to keep me grounded...Thank You!

Of course life is never as simple as a quote...and there will always be curve balls and wrenches thrown into the best laid plans. You are sooo right! And we need to work within the parameters of our lives...reaching our own equilibrium each day, week and year.

I am in awe of YOU Audrey...supermom... IRON Woman and devoted public servant...that you have carved out such a meaningful and dedicated training and racing calendar. This is much more than trying...this is far beyond that...

I think the moral of the story is this: there is a distinct difference between saying you will TRY and actually TRYING.

What ever you are doing...keep on doing it cause you are an excellent role model for other moms with busy lives who think their dreams must be put on hold...Get Er Done Sister!