Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bike...water...ipod...remote controls...what else does a girl need?

Happy Tuesday! Already?

Sunday I had a 1.75hr bike ride scheduled but the snow wasn't melting fast enough for my liking. I had a couple of options:

Ride in the slush and push my bike and curse alot and freeze my hands and toes...nope.

Ride my bike on the road with stinky cars spraying mud on me...no way ( I don't have ANY idea how you roadies do that!)

Drive 15 minutes each way to the gym and ride the spin bike indoors looking out the window...ohhh man.

OR Plan D: Pick up my buddy Cathy's cycle trainer and set up my mountain bike in the rec room and watch food tv!

Cathy and Pete are heading back to Nica this week and I get to use Cathy's trainer for 6 weeks! Oh the novelty of new toys....

Until the snow melts this option is making me very happy as I don't have to drive to ride and I can really focus on my heart rate training during this base training phase...perfect!

It was the fastest hour and 45 minutes ever and I have plenty of new recipe ideas:) I highly recommend a trainer for those of you who are not inclined to ride your bike in the wind and rain during winter. You can just set up your bike for the winter and then set it free in the summer. Saves you purchasing a stationary bike.



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