Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Favorite Things Today

My new camera in action in the Baja this December...

Happy Sunday! I have to share a few of my favorite things with you...and NO I am not sponsored by any of these products! I just love having them in my life and figure I should share:)

#1 Hands down favorite thing right now new Olympus Stylus 1030SW digital camera. This aint just any camera is Waterproof to 33 feet, can withstand 220lbs of pressure, and works in freezing temperatures up to minus 14 degrees! I have taken underwater video (was terrified to do it the first time), dropped it in the dirt and burried it in the snow without issue. This is the perfect camera for me!

#2 My 'Skull Candy' ear buds. I love my iPod but man do I hate the head phones that come with it! They kill my ears! So, I finally bit the bullet and purchased some skull candy head phones and they ROCK. They actually go inside your ears like decidamp earplugs and the sound is amazing! Best of all you can't hear any outside noise and they don't hurt my ears:)

#3 My Arbonne Aromassentials 'Sea Salt Scrub' exfoilation oil from Penny Bindon! Penny gave me a jar of this yummy smelling stuff in December and I have developed a bit of a crush on it over the past month. Especially with all this cold dry air- it is awesome and smells just fantastic! It looks like sand floating in a sea of honey butter and smells like earth and honey and flowers. Penny sells this product line so you can chat with her at class on Thursdays if you want to try it yourself!

OK...Now I need to know...what are you Loving right now? Favorite training gear? Toys? Or things that just plain make you happy? Post Post Post Please!

I awoke to a suprise...fresh snow on the ground! Just a little ... but still it was snow! Now as I sit here at the computer I just realized that the sky is full fledged spring BLUE...and I must go out and play right after this update...

Yesterday Kathy Campbell (ELM fearless leader) and I went for a wonderful Saturday romp in Seal Bay Park with her cute pup Brodie. LSD was the perfect pace for catching up and sharing tales of winter life. Thanks for a great run you guys!

Today I bailed on my plan for an XC bike ride out to the dam when I saw the snow! Instead, I played (hmmm don't think that is quite the right word- perhaps slogged) through a 1.5hour ride on the indoor trainer. Great option for icey days- but not so fun for LSD workouts. I can't wait for spring riding and big climbs up Forbidden plateau road again! Hours and hours riding in the sweet sunshine...I digress...

The trainer allowed for some serious multi tasking, however, and I got to work on a few VERY FUN ELM projects that I must share with you. Now, these are all Womens Trips...don't you boys get mad at me! Book the dates now and watch for complete details coming soon..

June 12-14 Tofino Fitness Retreat! Once again, we have a fantastic weekend of fitness, surf and relaxation planned at our annual west coast escape to Middle Beach Lodge.

MAYBE:: July long weekend: Okanagan Kettle Valley Railway Bike Trip & Winery Tour!! This one is in the research stage only and we have not confirmed if it will be on the ELM calendar for 09 or 2010. BUT...the squeeky wheel gets the grease so puleease let me know if you would be interested. Friday-Sunday with 1 full day of biking the KVR from Kelowna to Penticton.

August 24-29: 5 day kayaking trip with West Coast Expeditions based on Spring Island, near Kayuquot on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Daily paddling, exploring, hiking, Yoga/Stretching all set against unbelievable rugged west coast scenery.

AND THE BIG DADDY: September 2010: 14 day Peru experience including 8 days trekking in the Peruvian highlands, joining the Inca Trail and reaching Machu Picchu with your own two feet. Stay tuned in February as we release the complete package details. We will be hosting a free information night in early March to give you a clear picture of what this once in a lifetime experience will look like.

Have a great Sunday!


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