Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Have you seen this man?

Have you seen this man? Well...watch out cause he is coming your way! We are launching a fresh take on the ELM logo this month complete with new colours and a speedy action 'person'. If you have been in our programs this past year you will notice that we have slowly been moving towards the ELM logo and away from the original old school 'triangle' logo. And we hope you are as stoked as we are! Well...I doubt if that would happen but... fyi I am really stoked on the switch!

Superstar Jocelyn Mandryk from Sovereign Designs in Victoria has been working like a dog to come up with a fresh take on the ELM brand and I have loved every single minute spent working with her. Jocelyn and I worked for BCFS on the Rapattack Crew a few years back and I have been so lucky to have her as my graphic support crew for ELM! Check her out: http://www.sovereigndesign.ca/public/index.html

Stay tuned for the full brand coming your way later this month!

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Korky said...

Oh Oh I see a whole new wardrobe!!??