Sunday, February 22, 2009

Muddy Buddy's

I had a great Sunday ride with the girls- Lene and Pascale up at the dam. A HUGE difference from Fridays ride which was stellar bluesky and dry packed trail. Today there were puddles as big as my car, gooey mud clogging up the tread and slime spontaneously growing on the rocks. But still it was oh-so-fun!

All 3 of us went up the road for the Tomato Creek loop (I am starting to know each root and rock intimately) then we xd the road and played in the Bears Bait trails above the Puntledge River. After an hour XC Lene headed home to pick up her girls and Pascale and I rode our 2nd loop as planned ... back up TC hill. The hill is so short compared to what we ride in summer that I force myself to shut out any negative thoughts cause they would be so wasted! Save the tears for spring when the snow level drops and we grunt up Forbidden Plateau or Branch21 climbs. AKA Suck it Up Princess.
All in all we rode for about 2:40...great for a rainy February day (pat on back). I had the yummiest snack mid ride...a new energy bar that one of our ELM Members posted on the members only site. Chocolate, oats, peanut butter, raisins, bake and chewy chocolate goodness. I can't swallow fake energy food all year round so I am always looking for new portable snack recipes that will give me the calories the nutrients that I need on the trail. This is a keeper for sure as they held up nicely after being rammed into my wee camel pack. Thanks Sherry!
OK so I really debated posting this next photo...
I thought some of you might find it a
But it really is SO funny that I couldn't resist.
So, I am going to post a warning here and give you a chance to log off without scrolling down to
view the pic.
Warning: The photo you are about to view may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Muddy buddies!



Pascale said...

ahahhaha I'm am offended my behind

Love your Blog

To more adventure !!

The Sénéchals said...

Very sexy you gals. You gave me a chuckle!