Friday, February 20, 2009

A Week of Photos

It has been an amazing week for playing outside...sunshiney blue sky days every day! Here is my week in pictures...backwards starting from today cause that is how they loaded!

2hr Tomato Creek Brick with Dr. John and Pascale...

Here is the view from the top of Tomato Creek Hill...what a day!

Here I come! Up Up Up...the sunshine made it much easier:)

Then it was onto the bikes for our second trip up and over the Hill...
From the summit it is all downhill once again! Yeehaw!

ELM Women 8th annual 10K Training Clinic Kicked off with close to 30 participants! It was a great ZONE5 hill repeat workout...and after a 6 set POWER workout at Bootcamp this morning I must say my legs are close to toast day tomorrow!
Here is the crew listening to my chit chat at Extreme Runners...
Wow...don't they look amazed and inspired by their presenter? Below I am wearing our super fast ELM Race Jersey...

And here is this years Times Colonist 10K clinic shirt...In Black!

An official sign that spring is around the corner and winter is winding down...hello little daffodils!
Wednesday morning Crew producing some serious steam...we should harness that steam power! The sunrise makes everything easier...

Sunrise Bootcamp actually got to see the start of the sunrise for the first time this week! We are getting our first look at each other now that the light is upon us:)) Here is the crew working on balance with a single leg lunge in sand. There were echos of our 'super set' workout on Thursday morning. 5 Arm exercises 2 sets back to back...then 5 power leg exercises...then CORE...oh, with a set of lines and hill sprints mixed in of course...

We had a visitor at our morning track workout on Monday...Can you see him? Settled into the background on the right is our newest addition to the crew...Big Swan. He was HUGE! You really have no idea how massive those birds are until one lands beside you!
That's it that's all. Great week guys! Thank you for playing along with my photo are all great sports:) Can't wait to do it all again next week...
Friday Q&A will take place on Saturday this week so check back!

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