Friday, April 30, 2010


That's right folks!

Your very own ELM rockstars were the first women's team across the finish line at the Snow to Surf Relay this year! It was a tight race- back and forth between about 4 teams and neck and neck until the finish line but we managed to get across the line first! It is amazing that after 4hours and 8 different legs this race can be so close! We had a great time and I am so proud of our team for working hard but cheering even harder!

The girls got off to a great start and by the time they called my number at the trail run-mt bike transition we were only 1.5 minutes off the first place womens team. Liz rocked her ski, Lo killed the XC ski and Diana and Sue ran their guts out to keep us into 2nd place.

I did not want to lose any spots on my leg!

Last year I was passed by 2 or 3 women who were just hauling on big gears down the logging road. They were strong riders and I realized how far I had to go with my riding to be able to compete in this crazy sport. Those girls motivated me BIG time to actually train on my bike this year and see where I could take my biking fitness. And they had me riding scared at this years snow to surf!

I saw the first placed womens team leave...then TEAM ELM WOMENS number was called next! Lo was there with me and helping me reign in the adrenaline- it is amazing how hyped up it gets in these transition zones for what is a FUN and very silly race! 1.5 minutes later I was on the road and within 5 minutes my heart rate was hitting 185 and I was breathing like a freight train! I kept it up all the way to the pipeline and looking over my shoulder the entire time!

The ride went well and none of those girls caught me this year- so I reached my goal:) And bonus, I caught the first place rider right at the lake! We both pushed our kayakers into the water at the same time!

After the ride I rode my bike to Cumberland on the dump road to watch Audrey ride on her speedy bike. She had 3 spots to make up and she was 4 or 5 minutes behind the first place teams when she started her ride. She was a machine!

Audrey came into the canoe transition over a minute ahead of the next womens team! That girl is crazy fast:)

We were first womens team into the water at the airpark and our canoers were paddling scared I am sure! Their outrigger team mates were right behind them in the next boat and it was a close race. In the end our ladies beat them to the line and we toppled the usual 'wild women' champions to take first place!

Go Rani Go! She is running up the ramp to ring the finish bell after a long hard battle on the water:)

MEANWHILE down in Victoria another 20 women were representing ELM at the TC 10K. They rocked the course and the photos and race tales prove they had a wonderful time doing it! Way to go ELM Women!
Congratulations on your amazing times in Victoria ladies! Not only do you know how to have fun- but you can run fast too!

Have a great weekend!

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Korky said...

Thanks Sarah, for all your encouragement and support! Another great clinic.