Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Local Valley Runners::

The first of 3 Adventure Running clinics is set to kick off this Thursday night...but we need a few more runners who like dirt to bump up the numbers.

Thinking about joining us but not sure if Adventure Running is for you? Have no fear! We know you will love it! Each week you will have a chance to work on your trail running fitness and skills...hill climbing, descents, trail speed, passing, navigation and more!

Our leaders have been busy scouting out new routes, fun adventures and the latest trails for this years series of Adventure Runs. You can look forward to old favorites and amazing new scenery in each session. And you can bet there will always be hills to build strength, vistas to write home about AND mystery events to make you giggle:)

Each run includes to options for distance: one an hour or less and one that is up to 90minutes. Run short or run long but have fun while you are doing it!

We have new maps for this years clinic as the local bike trail maps have just been updated this past week. Each week our participants receive a file version of the trail map - by the end of the clinic you will have an entire collection of routes to revisit or share with friends!

This is my favorite program of all ELM time...I hope you will join us and make this session another great success! Email ELM today if you have questions or would like to secure your spot in this fun training clinic!



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