Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MOMAR: What not to do...

MOMAR Squamish this stoked am I?

This will be my only Adventure Race of 2010 (sniff sniff) as I am tackling other adventures this summer and fall...and heading to Peru with my crew of 12 women this September. My buddy Andy is looking forward to beating me in the Cumberland race this year lol=)

I just printed off my racer registration forms and looked through the list of registered racers for this weekends race...and it got me thinking of something not-so-good (although insanely funny after the fact) that happened to a Squamish racer last year on the rappel (read on)...which got me thinking about all the things that you shouldn't do (but I am sure I have done most of) in the MOMAR or _____ (insert AR).

The best part of AR is the 'adventure' and not knowing what the race course will bring. But, sometimes this can also be the worst part of AR! I am putting together my list of top things NOT to do in an AR and I will be sharing these at the MEC bikefest in Victoria on May 30th. Come on down to Centenial square for a laugh if you are in town that weekend.

In the meantime here is the NUMBER ONE thing you should NOT do in the MOMAR::


Anyone who thinks they can finish an Adventure Race on skill alone is dilusional. Lady luck has a hand in every AR on the planet. Heres' hoping I find another horseshoe in Squamish:)

Happy Trails,


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