Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunrise Bootcamp this Week

Hello and Happy Friday!

I hope you have had a chance to get outside and play in this amazing spring sunshine:) I know our Sunrise Bootcamp recruits have been taking full advantage! Check out my little Picasa collage from this weeks classes...good times at Sunrise!

Not finding time for your workouts? Slotting your fitness in first thing in the am is a perfect way around this obstacle. Set the alarm clock a bit earlier, get moving and get er' done early. You will still manage to get everything on your list done for the day AND you will have WAY more energy to do it. Survey says.... Early Morning Workouts ROCK!

OK Fit & Free is heeeeeeeeerrrrrrre! Last night at 5pm I picked up my first (mini) shipment of my new book and ripped it open. The books look awesome and I am pretty pumped to get them into your hands! I Once the full shipment arrives I will be sure to let you know where you can get your own copy:) Read what people are saying about Fit & Free...

Time to taper down for MOMAR Squamish next weekend:) And looking forward to some downtime, actually. It has been a crazy week...

Today I will ride easy for a couple of hours as I set up my Orienteering course for tomorrow's 101 & 201 clinic at Nymph Falls Park. Don't have good spidey senses? There is still room in the O course if you want to join us on Saturday!

Happy Trails!


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