Sunday, May 9, 2010


Queen of the clearcut!

It has been a busy couple weeks of training and playing and all things dirt:) I am LOVING the warmer days and drier trails that have just arrived over the past week or two. I am so ready for the mud to dry up for the season!

Here are some pics from my 'training' days over the past week and a bit...I am so lucky to have such great buddy's who are up for the challenge of spending hours on foot and bike with me:) It sure makes the journey that much more FUN!

Nikki looking like 'she-ra princess of power' on the way up B21 above Comox Lake. A week ago Friday we did our first mega-ride together...from my house to the top of Forbidden with a million fun trails in between...4.5hours and my bum was sore:)

This past Friday Nikki and I did another 4.5hour mega-ride this time in the other direction but we had to hit the same favorite trails. This pic is of the entrance to my favorite new trail above the dam: SLITHER! SO FUN on foot or by bike! It is the most flowy gradually descending trail ever:). You access it half-way down Cabin Fever...check out the newly updated local Comox Valley Trail Maps!

Then on Sunday I started early and squeezed in a solo ride from the Dam and through the Nymph Falls trails and back before meeting up with my Rat buddy's. Then we rode up B21 (again) and rode down my new favorite route (again)...before dropping the bikes for our sneakers and doing it all over again. 5.5hours later we had a great MOMAR prep session under our belts! 3:15 ride followed by a crazy steep 2:5hour run/trek up Red Rotor and back down my favorite route (again) made for a good long brick. Was I every hungry after that one!

Rats on the B21 Road climb:)

Rats fixing the first of 3 chain breaks...

Cute little critter on Tomato Creek trail at the start of our run!

River at the bottom of Red Rotor...let the pain begin...

Andy, the farmer, hydrating at the falls above Red Rotor. He has never had Bever Fever yet...

Andy and I at the start of our running descent on Two Sheiks...great view!

The dogwoods are AMAZING this year! Go to the trails at the Dam...make your way into one of the old clearcut areas and you will see them lighting up the hillside!

Puntledge (glacial) River soaking in May? That is a first! CRAMPING cold but the BEST way to recover from a long day of training:)

Thanks for a great day Andy and my Rat Buddy's!

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