Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's try this blog thing again...

Well, hello there friends!

I have made a few attempts to post pics from my adventures over the past week or so but blogger was having none of it. That is my excuse for being a tardy blogger and I am sticking with it! LOL!

I had a fantastic whirlwind adventure (and mega ferry rides) during my week off. Here is the snapshot:

Saturday- reassessed my bike lactate and Z1 run results at Peak Performance...good things are happening inside the cells of my body but much more work is needed! This is why we check in and why re-assessing is as important (or more so) as initial assessments.

Sunday- NCCP Cycling Coach Certification - Mt Bike Skills & Tactics at the South Surrey Mt. Bike park. Ever been there? What a little gem! V. small trail area but packed with logs and bridges and a sweet little trials park where you can work on your manuals, skinny's and drops and all that fun stuff:) We definitely are lacking in the practice-fun park department here in the Valley...putting the mission on my list! Met some great people from a wide range of bike backgrounds. V. good day indeed. Got home after 10pm then...

Monday- Back on the boat but this time to Powell River and the Sunshine Coast! We spent the week exploring by truck, canoe, salomon sneaker and bike...found some amazing scenery, delicious bakery's and fantastic trails. WAY too many people south of Sechelt for us, however! Now we know...Gibsons is a suburb of Vancouver! I even saw a Hummer outside of Molly's kidding.

Last weekend I got a good run and ride in and then Monday I got back to the business of fitness training with a light heart and fresh brain. :))

Registrations are pouring in for our Spring classes and I am stoked to get them off and running in 2 weeks time. Check out the ELM Calendar for a preview of all good things to come this month.

Starting with MOMAR 101 next Saturday, April 10th! That's right! The first MOMAR adventure race of the season is just over 1 month away and if you have ANY questions about how to prepare or what the heck you need to do to put in a solid performance then be sure to sign up for this fun course. It is one of my favorite courses to teach and you will be spoiled with all of my tips and tricks for a successful (and fast) MOMAR race.

Next weekend will be a busy one with MOMAR 101 on Saturday and the Cumberland XC Island Cup bike race on Sunday! Can't wait for that one- sleep in, no commuting, local knowledge and the best post-race pub grub on the Island! I hope there are more girls there than turned up in Victoria...common ladies let's rock the Cumby course!

Today...great ride with supergirl Kelly...but crazy old man winter was playing trix on us again! We had to push up to flippin Bear Buns...push DOWN then slide all over the place at the bottom. Still FUN of course:) but how come we were riding clear up to Forbidden in January and now we are in slurpy land?!

We pieced together a XC ride and explored some of the newer lower trails that our busy Cumby beavers have been carving out this winter. Although the road up looks like something from Mad Max and the lower trails smell like one of my helipads on a fire (cedar and gas), there are some fantastic new trails and loops in Cumberland already. I am stoked for this season Adventure Running clinic and all the new routes we can do!

After about 2:15 on the bike, Kelly went home and I went for a 90 minute mountain run up Stub and Grub...made it to the top but had to hike through deep snow at the top. Turned around and ran back down the same way...then made a fun route via Bonzai Pipeline...following me? You must be from around here then:)

Red wine and dark chocolate are the worlds best late night recovery fuels..did you know that? Google it...or just believe me and go pour yourself a (SMALL) glass:) You have to train tomorrow!


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