Friday, April 9, 2010

Bike Bike Bike Run Run Run

Hola Amigos and Happy Friday!

Rain rain go away...that was going around and around in my head all week. After a solid week of training in the mud and rain and wind I was SO ready for that ray of sunshine we were blessed with on Thursday morning. It was like a sunbeam from the gods above!

I planned in a big week of aerobic miles to crash my aerobic system and force a much needed reboot and resynthesis. I missed out last Friday on my planned ride cause there was NO way I was going out in that storm! Our power was out most of the day, there were trees coming down on the highway and lights and sirens all over town. I enjoyed the rest and worked on some new
NRG recipes:)

Saturday- 3.75hr Brick: 2.25hr XC Ride and Snowpush in Cumby followed by a good 1.5hr mountain run up Stub and Grub into the snow...
Sunday-3.5hr Ride: 1.75 with my Rat Buddies then I went back out and rode the Cumberland Island Cup Race course and more...through the swamp monster, gumboot grabbing, tire sucking mud...
Monday-2.5hr Flat Run: Half on my own and then my girlfriends met me at Seal Bay Park for the second half...finished with cinnibuns and lattes at Becky's Backery...OH YEAH.
Tuesday- Holy rest Hana
Weds-3:15hr Brick: Run 1:15 Adventure Running scout run with lovely leader Lynn! Then it was a v. slow transition to the bike (layers and layers of mud and soggy clothes to deal with) and a ride with my Rat buddies. We probably rode for about 2 hours but it was actually a working party...of which I was happy to be a part of.

A few good Rats have been busy little Beavers up in the hills of Cumberland this winter and they have almost completed a fantastic multi-km XC mt bike trail that will be legendary v. soon. Epic boardwalk sections that twist and turn high above the swampy ground just seem to go on and is like a ride at the fair...then a grand finale bridge about 15 feet off the deck that takes you safely above a cascading waterfall...

We humped 4 foot cedar planks from spot A to spot B and hiked in a set of stringers for the boys. It was nice to be able to help with their load- small but hopefully enough to give them a little break. They have been spent countless hours days and weeks building this trail: Thirsty Beaver. Stay tuned!

By 8pm that night, when we returned to the parking lot, I had been in the rain, mud and storm for close to 4 hours.

I had mud in my teeth. I had mud in my nose. I am sure I had mud in all of my major crevices.

A hot shower and a steaming bowl of homemade chilli never felt so good...

Thursday: Run Speed: Intervals at the track with my ELM Womens 10K Clinic...

Friday: Today! What will today bring... a bike ride by the looks of things...2hrs...including the Snow to Surf route I am thinking...

All this biking is good for a girls soul I say. Although I am still feeling like Chicken Little on the downhills after my crash in Victoria, I can't help but smile every time I pull out my bike. I have been riding my big bike in this mud and muck and on these slippery slopes...but I must face the music and dig out my little Filly - Giant Anthem again soon. It wasn't her fault that I crashed in Victoria. Nope. That bike is capable of more than I can ever imagine should see what it can do when Brad is on it!

This weekend on Sunday, I will be completing the
Cumberland Island Cup XC 'race'. 12 noon - until? Based on the loop that Jeremy of Riding Fool has up his sleeve the laps will take me more than an hour each. If it rains they will be longer. I have no intentions of 'racing' this course at all. I am practicing my fueling and pacing for the Test - my goal race for 2010. If they let me do 3 laps and don't cut me off then I will be out there for 3-4hours...which is perfect training for the Test.

Teapot - Cumberland, BC from Kookjai Media on Vimeo.

Mt. Biking improvements, for me, are a slow and painful struggle. 2 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps back. But, much like surfing, one great ride, brings you back for more over and matter how painful it may be.

I envy the 'kahona's' that many of my riding buddies possess. And just when you think you are getting slightly better and more confident you come across a video like this one...

Enjoy! I love it. I have watched it over and over and can't get enough:)

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