Friday, April 23, 2010

GO ELM Women GO!


It is going to be a BIG weekend for Team ELM Women!

Between the Snow to Surf AND the TC 10K in Victoria we have nearly 30 ELM Women charging to the finish line and reaching for their goals this Sunday.

Sadly, I cannot (try as I might) be in too towns at I will miss the TC10K crew this year...looking forward to hear all of their race tales!

I am tackling the mountain bike leg of the S2S course tomorrow...and we have a 1st place Masters title to hold up!

I have had a crazy week of voodoo doll style injuries...subluxed my left ankle on Monday (like kinda dislocated it and couldn't get it back in the groove)...managed to re-strain my right ankle by compensating and limping on at Ascent with Kim and needles with CV Acupuncture and I am feeling much better.

Still I am wondering who is poking at my voodoo doll...

Team ELM Women strut their stuff training for the TC10K...

Shots from last year at the race start...

Go Marina and Michelle!

Yeah for Karen and Korky and Ngaire and Kim in the back!

My whole family came out bright and early to cheer on the Team...
Here is a video from the race start last year...listen...



· Water- 6oz/hour
· Last big meal an early dinner 4-5pm…high carbohydrates, low fibre, low fat, low protein. No alcohol
· Walk, easy run, or rest day
· Visualization
· Early to bed!


· Water 4oz/ 30 mins…follow pre-exercise hydration schedule
· Your normal routine at least 2 hours before the race start time. Light breakfast, easy to digest, high carb, low fibre, low fat, low protein. Small bowl oatmeal with raisins, banana with ½ bagel and pb, toast and honey or jam…
· Get there early - 45-60minutes before race start.
· Visualization
· Warm up! As you would normally for that distance. Longer race = longer warm up. 5-10mins walking, light jogging, finishing with some strides at race tempo.
Line up at the FRONT of your time category if possible. That way you will have less people to work through once the race starts.
Check out the video I posted on the ELM Facebook page- the race start from 2009 to get an idea of what it looks like...


· Think of your race distance in 3rds. First 1/3, slower than you know you can-hold back. This should feel easy. Second 1/3 should feel just right, comfortable yet challenging-race pace. Final 1/3, should be slightly more challenging-just outside your comfort zone. Push yourself to hold this pace, and finish strong. The key to a great race is starting slower than you want to!! Don’t get caught up in the chaos/adrenaline.
· Follow your fuel/hydration guidelines


· The 24 hours following your race is a critical time period. What you do immediately after your race will effect your recovery and dictate your ability to train (earlier) for your next event.
· Give yourself a pat on the back and then go for your cool-down. Slow aerobic activity such as a light jog or cycling for 10-30 minutes after (depends on length and intensity of event) is crucial. This active recovery should be purely aerobic 30-60% of your max HR and will help your body remove waste products and flush out toxins, as well as replenish your muscles with nutrients and oxygenated blood.
· Stretch lightly following your cool-down
· Follow your Fuel/Hydration Guidelines for post race recovery. Remember the 30minute window for glycogen super-loading!
· Have fun! Enjoy the day and take it easy!
· Keep hydrating throughout the day.
· Follow with a warm shower and cool-contrast rinses for aching muscles 4:1 unless there is inflammation. In this case use cool soaks.


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