Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maxin and Relaxin

Here are some of my fav. pics from the Cumberland DH race today...

What a great weekend:)

Sometimes a little rain isn't such a bad makes you curl up on the couch with a good makes you sit closer to the makes you appreciate the unbearable heat of the wood sauna...

After last weeks XC race I am enjoying a ralitively relaxing and much needed recovery week. I felt pretty good after the race but definitely had some cobwebs to sweep out on Monday!

Monday I went with my Adventure Running clinic leaders for a scouting run in Cumberland ... we ran the XC 10k course plus some other new and v. fun trails such as Blue Collar...

Wednesday I rode my bike with the rats...on the 'virgin' ride of Al and Terry's completed new trail: Thirsty Beaver. It is unreal...over 800 feet of boardwalk...through the forest, over babbling brooks, across ravines and on top of old growth is an amazing run OR ride.

Thursday was speedwork on the road with the ELM Women 10K more week to go until the Victoria TC 10K!

Friday was a recki on the Snow to Surf mt bike course with Gen...I am glad we checked it out cause it is way longer than I remember! 25minutes of gravel road (grrr) and about 20 minutes of trail...pump up the slicks and get ready to hammer...race is next Sunday!

Saturday I FINALLY got reunited with my dirtsister Liz for a much needed mountain run above the dam. With a month to go until MOMAR squamish (and the Chief lurking) I have to get a few more good hill climbs in! We did a great one...up into the snow...spring down here but still winter up there... I was pleasantly suprised that I felt great during and after! Even after a LONG break from hard runs I am not far off track so that was a nice suprise.

Saturday afternoon I drank tea, read my book and worked on some new test recipes for the next edition of NRG : foods that will move you. Two new NRG ball recipes loaded with goodness AND pure cocoa! I tried them out on a few biker guinea pigs today and they all had rave reviews...stay tuned for the second edition!

Sunday...rode with my rats for a couple of hours then...hiked up the DH course to watch the carnage...I mean ACTION! Wow- they are brave men, women, boys and girls...amazing to watch...but SO painful to witness the many crashes! Everyone got back on their bikes but it hurts just to watch them all twisted upside down and backwards.

Here is a quick shot from about 3/4 down the course during the Intermediate men division runs...

Now it is time for tea and more of my book...

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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