Friday, April 4, 2008

A Week of Training

Spring sunshine! This picture is of one of our superstar participants-Lo running on the beach from Kye Bay to Airforce beach last spring/summer. One of my fav summer shots:)

I managed to get a solid week of training in this past week...and I must admit the sunshine did help! A break between ELM Fitness Adventure sessions means more play time for me so I took advantage and got some good intense miles in.

Saturday: Mountain Run ascent/descent- 2:45hrs
Sunday: XC Bike 1.5hours & Trailrun 1hour- 2.5hrs
Monday: Resistance - 1hr
Tuesday: XC Interval Bike- 1.5hrs
Weds: Weights 1hr & Kayak- 1.5hrs -2.5hrs
Thurs: Weights 1hr & Track Intervals 1hr - 2hrs
Friday: ? Paddle or Stretch Day 1.5hrs tba...
Total : 13.75hrs

My training focus was not on total miles but on intervals and high intensity training. This week will be a bit less intense and then it is up up up with the miles as I work up to longer hours of training during the month of April...Only 1 month to go until the first MOMAR of the season!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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