Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Man oh Man...what a fantastic weekend in Victoria! I have a tonne to blog about but wanted to start with the highlight:

A big CONGRATS to all the ELM Women who raced in this past weekends Times Colonist 10K in Victoria! It was amazing to be there alongside the race course as these super ladies pushed themselves to the 10K finish. Perfect cool, grey-sky day...9700 energetic racers...14 ELM Superstar Women!

My sister lives about 30 meters down from the start line-right on the race course which makes for the perfect cheering squad spot. Up goes the ELM Women sign and out we come with our mugs of hot tea to cheer on the masses!

Lynn Swift looking fresh at the very start of the race...she still had this fantastic smile on her face at the finish line! Way to go Lynn:)

Penny and Tara flying high after crossing the finish line! After cheering on the crew at the start line, I boogied my way to the finishline in front of the Parliment buildings on Wharf st. Not sure what I was thinking...there was already a sea of onlookers and I couldn't get close to the barrier to see the racers. Then I had a brainwave when I spotted a lightpost...scrambled up about 4 feet for a fantastic (albeit painful) view of the ladies! It was a full on Survivor challenge and I hung on with one arm and a friction point on my two feet-not pretty but well worth the strain to get a birds eye view:)

A few of the crew posing for a photo shoot on the lawn of the legislature...big smiles and ELM Women swirls all around! WAY TO GO! I have posted a few favorite pics on the ELM Gallery-and you will find a link there to a complete collection on my Picasa online album. Enjoy:) http://www.elmhealth.com/Womens10K2008.htm

And... Team ELM Women came 15th in the corporate challenge with a top 5 team average of 52 minutes and 58 seconds!! Woweee!

More weekend tales to come...



Cindy said...

Way to go ELM Women. I was up early Sunday morning with my Computer turned on watching the finish line on the Check TV Live Streaming Video of the race. Great to see the ELM Logo cross the finish line! Wish I was there to join the Fun. Lots of New faces. .... Team Jersey's arrive yet so i can represent in Victoria????

Sarah said...

Hey Cindy! Thanks for the comments! What a blast the finish line was! It was cool to actually be a cheerleader and not a participant for once-different perspective. Jerseys are supposed to arrive this week!!!!!!!!!!!

Korky said...

Thanks for all the support on race day, Sarah

Sarah said...

Hey Korky! Nice work on the 10k course! You had a stellar time!! I hope you are happy with how your race went and would love to hear your comments when you have a chance. See you Thursday!