Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring IS Here!

Hello Sunshine! Finally the Valley has started the BIG thaw and the temperature is beginning to climb.

We kicked off our first week of Spring classes with a classic April downpower at Seal Bay Park last Monday-with our womens Off Road trail running clinic. The crew had a blast regardless and we are looking forward to 10-weeks of glorious trail running on Mondays.
Our new BOOTCAMP recruits completed their group Fitness Test at Vanier on Monday night-and got a chance to push themselves and meet their new training group. It was fantastic to see how quickly everyone bonded together to encourage each other and show their support. This is the power of a work and positive energy! Vicki and I are so excited to get out and enjoy our favorite workout locations that we can't access during the dark days of winter: Kye Bay, Seal Bay, Kin Beach, Goose Spit, Macdonald Wood Park...and more 5 days per week!
Rae got our Women's Learn to Run clinic on Tuesday nights with her son, Noah, leading the crew in the 3-wheel stroller. Such a wonderful and supportive program-we are always left inspired by our new running participants. What a great time of year to start running!

Baby Bootcamp was cute as ever at the first class at the Airpark on Thursday morning. Rae put our new Mommy Recruits through their paces-everything the normal Bootcamp Recruits do PLUS pushing a stroller and child! Seriously inspiring everyone that sees them go by.

9 classes a week means there is something for everyone this Spring!

PS We are always looking for feedback from you regarding program ideas that you would like to try. Give us a shout anytime if there is something you think we should offer along with our current outdoor Fitness Adventures!
Here is my week of fitness adventures...

Mon: Trail Run SBPark with Off Road ladies...Weights
Tues: Core and REST
Weds: Weights...XCountry Bike: Pipeline to Snowtosurf biking route out and back with Sue (Team ELM!) 1.5hours...solo run 30 minutes...look at these cute flowers I spotted by the hatchery! Can you identify them for me?

Thursdsay: CORE and 500m repeats with the womens 10K clinic...awesome run!
Friday: Stretch and REST

Saturday: Paddle with Barb from the Comox Marina to the bluffs...unbelievable! The water is soooo clear right now and you can see every little detail on the shallow ocean floor off the spit...such a wonderful way to start the day!
Saturday evening was all fun and games at the annual ELM Leader Party:) Lynn, Sue, Arran and Cathy were good sports and humoured me by playing along with my silly party games at this years get together. The evening kicked off with a BIG team scavenger hunt...then there were teamwork events requiring blindfolds and croquet...and we finished off with a feast and 'Famous People' game... Here is Lynn looking for clues at the playground...

Arran and Cathy on their way to their next clue...serious competition it was!
Sunday: BIG climb on the bike up Branch 21 from the Dam...up up up until we hit the snow-can't quite get to 2 Sheiks yet but man did we try hard. Back down and entered the Downhill trails via Upper Monkeys. The rest was all downhill and not too pretty on my part...I may not be a downhill superstar but I made it back in one piece after a fun 2 hour ride in the sunshine! Then I finally recruited a partner to join me on my post-ride brick trail run and we ran Tomato Creek Hill...the best little hill run with the best view there is! All in all it was a fun week of training that really just felt like playing:)

Have a wonderful week!

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