Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ELM Participants Bust a Gut

Way to go ELM Friends! Mary Ann Rolfe (2nd) and Cathy Clark (3rd) cleaned up on the podium in this past weekends 11km Gutbuster trail run www.gutbustertrailrun.com at Royal Roads in Victoria.

Connie Walters in fine form racing the 6km course!

Other ELM racers busting a gut on Sunday include Pascale Houde, Sarah Burrell, Veronique Dion, Leo Rolfe and Chris Winkelaar. Hope you all had fun playing in the mud and skunk cabbage at the old castle! Complete results and photos by Tony Austin can be found at: http://www.gutbustertrailrun.com/results.html

Next race: GutBuster 002 - Mt. Tzouhalem, Duncan - May 4th, 2008

Happy Trails! Sarah.

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