Tuesday, April 29, 2008


OK...what a great weekend indeed! After spending my Friday morning taking photos at the Filberg lodge with Chicks who Click...then meeting with Jane to begin planning a HUGE ELM Women adventure in PERU (more to come don't worry) I hit the road and began my journey south to Victoria-with one VERY important stop in Cobble Hill...to aquire my new XC bike! (Fidgeting with anticipation the whole way of course). So...here she is:

What started out as a custom bike frame which I won at the end of last years MOMAR series evolved into a dual suspension, lighweight machine completely macked out with high end race components. Woah. I got a little caught up in the whole experience and ended up with a screamin deal from BERG as I have been brought on board to be a BERG Bike Test Pilot! Total retail value? Do you really want to know? Lots. A BIG Thank you to BERG for taking me on as a test pilot and allowing me this excellent opportunity to ride such a quality bike:)

So...now I need to learn how to ride this machine...hmmm...and not injure myself or my pride in the process. You may laugh at the thought of 'learning' to ride a bike-but really this is a completely different geometry and style of riding for me. I am coming from a lazy boy recliner onto a bar stool...a cadillac into a mini cooper...get it? The stem height alone is 5 inches lower than I am used to. Enough. I will tame this wild beast! Less than 2 weeks until MOMAR Squamish...I will be on that bike everyday until then!

The BERG crew...Al (left)-frame builder and Chris (right) mechanic...and the cutest animal family ever had to be in the team shot!

Ok...gotta go look at my bike again...back in a minute:)


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Cindy said...

Sweet Ride... Love the Color!!!!