Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hurray Team ELM Women!

Hurray for a great team, a great race and a great day! The weather co-operated and we had a blue sky day for Sunday's Snow to Surf Relay. The snow was just toying with us on Saturday...

We worked out our team strategy over chili and chocolate covered strawberries the evening before..."Reach your genetic limit" was the goal...translated to our 2008 team phrase:: 'Getterdone". Good times were had by all and everything was left on the course so to speak. With a smooth race and no major gliches we worked our way to a 2nd place podium finish! Silver (chocolate) medals were had by all:) Way to go team:
Kathy Campbell...Uphill Run/Downhill Ski
Lo Lanning...XCSki
Diana Olsen...Downhill runner #1
Myra Lemelin...Downhill runner #2
Susan Muldoon...Mountain Biker
Audrey Erlandson...Road Biker
Lyse Fortin & Rani Johns...Canoe Specialists:)
More action photos to come...here we are posing:)

Seeya next year ladies!


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Korky said...

Great job "Team Elm"!!!