Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can You Imagine...

Here I am today SICK AT HOME and feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. So, I decide I deserve to take a break from my monotonous admin computer duties (and you thought I just ran around outside all day) and perk myself up a bit. Put on the kettle, bake some Survival Cookies and start brainstorming FUN stuff to do. FUN to me involves supernatural scenery, challenging myself physically, connecting with good people and, of course, eating healthy delicious food. Everyone should have a TOP 5 list of things they MUST do before it is too late. What's on my TOP 5 list you ask? Good question...I have not thought about my BIG dreams enough lately...

Although I have had many amazing experiences travelling abroad as a backpacker and exploring our own province as a firefighter for 5 years my BIG list still lingers.

My highlights so far have been:

  • Rapelling out of helicopters into fire zones in all corners of BC, Alberta and the Yukon

  • Experiencing our amazing province from the view of a helicopter-unbelievable sunsets.

  • Waking up on remote mountaintops after working hard and resting under the stars on small spot fires-where no human may have stepped before..
  • Exploring Australias east coast-diving in the Whitsundays and being chased by dingos on Fraser Island (the largest sand island in the world)

  • Backpacking in Australia, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Honduras, Guatamala and Nicaragua.

  • Completing a 3 day staged Adventure Race (250kms) in Invermere and standing on top of the world with my team- Seaquinn Balls

  • Working as a DiveMaster on the Bay Islands of Honduras

  • Running downhill ( from an errupting Volcano in Guatamala

  • Driving to the tip of the Baja, Mexico

  • Learning to Surf in Todos Santos, Baja

  • Climbing a volcano and riding an old school bike around the same volcano on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua!

  • I am sure there are more...but man are those great memories!
So...what is left on my list? In no particular order I would have to say...
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro

  • Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru
  • Diving with the sealife in the Galapogos

  • Rafting/Grizzly spotting in Northern BC/Yukon

  • Hiking a Volcano & Surfing the waves in Hawaii

Once I get to the bottom of this list then the rest is all just gravy really.

That brings me to my little secret for you...My dream of hiking the Inca Trail just got one step closer...and you can do it too...stay tuned for more details...

Or perhaps you want to start with something closer to home...well this just fell into my lap yesterday! I think we should do it...
Trans Canada Trail Challenge 2008
Myra Station to Penticton Trans Canada Trail PavilionAn 80-km section of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail
Sunday, July 6
The following is an invitation to you and members of your group to participate in this year’s Trans Canada Trail Challenge event.
Trails BC, the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society, the Naramata Woodwackers, and the Summerland TCT Society along with regional communities/jurisdictions are pleased to offer its 8th Trans Canada Trail Challenge. This year it will be held in conjunction with the re-opening of the Myra Canyon and the Penticton Centennial. Participants will be able to discover and explore up to 80 km of the Trans Canada Trail on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.
You can choose to cycle, walk, run, or ride your horse in this non-competitive and personally challenging event. Cyclists can choose to ride the full 80 km while walkers along with cyclists and runners can choose to do shorter sections that include the spectacular Myra Canyon with all its re-constructed trestles. In the Myra Canyon alone there are 18 trestles and two tunnels. Equestrians will be able to combine a ride with a walk or cycle in the Myra Canyon.
If you haven’t already done so, go to our website: for more details and to register either online or by regular mail. For information about the Myra canyon and its location go to:

The couch calls...can you imagine? Kills me to not be outside riding my bike. Blow nose...repeat.



Korky said...

Oh that SUCKS! Hope your feeling better soon

Sarah said...

Yeah...I am not really very good at being sick...see you at 10k tonight...I definately won't be running!

Cindy said...

Hey Sarah... I want to go to Peru!!!!! Please Please Take Me.....