Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cramin-it-all-in Last Chance Kinda Weekend

How did THAT picture get in this blogpost....

This blog is about all the really healthy active things I did this weekend...AFTER we went for MamaBear Martini's at the Great Escape in Cumberland for our summer ELM Adventure Running wind up celebration:) *Note- those who know me know I am all talk ... couldn't even finish ONE:(

There is a rotten smell flittering amongst the sweet smell of warm summer earth...I know what it is and I can't say I am a is decaying plants falling to the ground, cold dewy mornin's and the edge of the END of summer.

BUT that means that B and I are on our way once again to our happy place on the north island for 2 weeks of sand, surfing, fishing and plain old loungin around time:) We leave next weekend and will be back at er for classes starting Monday September 21st. More details on that before I leave...

Every year around this time I must let out a big sigh, and allow myself permission to let go of all the bike riding, mountain running, and all round fun training ... for two weeks of r&r...RIGHT BEFORE MY LAST RACE OF THE SEASON: MOMAR CUMBERLAND.

I always wish I had more time to fit in one more ride or one more hike before the end of August and our escape up north.

Every year I wonder if I have done enough. I always wonder if I will lose all the conditioning on the beach, returning home with only a baileys belly and a strange fear of mountains along with an inability to remember how to change the gears on my bike.

But every year something else happens. I return with a golden glow on my skin, a well worked upper body (surfing, kayaking, canoeing and hauling gear/firewood all day), a well rested lower body (seated in my chair with many books) and a fresh energy flowing through my veins. It seems to work out everytime... I just consider it an EXTRA superduperlong taper:)

This was a splendid weekend fueled by GREAT sunshiney summer weather and a mission to log a few more miles before holiday mode kicks in.

After a great SUPER CLIMB Adventure Run on Thursday night (Miners and Waterboys anyone?) it was 3 days of good times, good sweat, and GREAT VIEWS.

Yes, there is a story in that on...

Marc and Niki met me in Cumberland after agreeing to take me along on the fantastic BC Bike Race course again:))) They did the race together this year and not only did they hold their own on the course (kick ass) they are actually still married :)

Marc had to bail about an hour into it with a busted peddle bearing or somethingorother so Niki and I did the girl thing and hauled through the course with BIG smiles and NO worries- 4:50 riding time- 65ishK...super!

Got home and was crazy tired ... dreaming about the shower, the food and the nap that were awaiting me...when I noticed something BAD...real BAD...

My waist pocket on my pack was wide open and there was an big empty space where my camera lives. CRAP.

Back to Cumberland...Marc met me there (bless him) and we split up riding towards each other on the final few trails of our big ride- from where I last noticed my camera.

*Side Note: When Niki and I were on the very home stretch (last 15minutes) of our ride we came across 2 sweet young lads around 8 years of age who were looking for a safe trail to ride. They wanted to know if we would ride Perseverance with them (so cute!) cause they were worried it might have big jumps and stuff. We cheered them on and pumped them up and sent them in the right, well left actually, direction ('front brake'- that is how their grandma taught them to remember cute is that?) and then we scooted off to finish our ride.

SO Marc and I met up after sweeping the trail and lo and behold HE HAD MY FREAKIN CAMERA! I was in disbelief but OH SO HAPPY! I asked Marc where he found it and it turns out he didn't find it at all... he came across two young boys and asked if they had seen a camera and THEY SAID YES and handed it over to him! SAME BOYS!

We arranged for them to go to Dodge City Cycles later to pick up their 'reward' and Dan at the bike shop was happy to pass on the loot to them as they are apparantly regulars at the shop.

It was one of those moments that makes your heart fill your chest and puts a sparkle in your eye. Look out world... Zac and Obry (sp?) are coming your way and they are going to be super cool humans! THANK YOU!

Sleep in:) Then go to Comox Valley Kayaks for a paddle! They let me take out my boat for MOMAR and what seemed like a chore at first (I know I know...) turned out to be the best gift of my weekend:) BEAUTIFUL to say the least.

I don't know why I always seem to forget ... but I really do love paddling! Especially on a day like Saturday... Anyways 1:45hour paddle was a good start for me with plenty of race starts and cadence drills amidst the photo ops and Lorne Green wilderness sightings...

I saw a TONNE of Canada geese sunning themselves...seals popping up now and then...AND a TONNE of salmon waiting at the mouth of the puntledge to come up and spawn! They must have been pinks and there must have been hundreds of them.

Changed my mind a gazzilion times about what I was going to do on my LAST sunday before holidays...

Missed the rats and went to the wrong spot for sunday was on my own for whatever adventure I went with...had my car loaded up with everything I needed...or so I thought...

Decided to fastpack/Trek Becher followed by a ride. Made it to the parking lot atop Forbidden at about 10am and was cursing my tardiness as I don't like late starts to big days...when I realized I was missing something kinda important. MY SNEAKERS.

SIGH. That was a test in patience I tell ya. Went HOME- can't believe I am admitting this to the world- and got my freakin sneakers then went BACK to the start.

11:00am I started up Becher solo. Let it all go in the parking lot and had an amazing trek! It was super quick for me as I was solo, trying to make up lost time and didn't have to wait for our old boy Yuki who is just not up to the climb anymore...sad but true.

Just over 1 hour to the summit and 45minutes back down. And that included plenty of blueberry stops:)

And man was it crazy hot ... 11-3 are the hottest hours of the day right? And you should avoid the sun during these hours right? Hmmmm.

After I got back to my car I rode my bike back up to Jake the Snake and out B21 then back up the logging road for a short 35minute but hard brick ride to wrap it all up.

Blueberry bushes are ON FIRE in the subalpine right now! You have to get up there to see it for yourself!

And there are still a TONNE of the biggest wild blueberries I have ever seen!

View from the top - right across at that gorgeous Comox Glacier:)

My new favorite homemade snack! Ever had a Lara Bar? Well I am hooked on them and created my own varieties...they passed the hiking test and you will just DIE when you try them! Stay tuned...they will be in my cookbook... Raw, Vegan, Natural, Fresh, 3 ingredient wonders. This one is Coco-chile. YUM.

Made it up to Jake the Snake! Now I have to try and ride down it...

YES. I have seen people actually ride this. Dressed like Darth Vader and sporting helmet cameras...

Hope you enjoyed my weekend as much as I did!

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Korky said...

Wow that is so great you found your camera, I like to hear those tales of honesty! Had a great 32K trek with Cathy and clan today.