Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

(From good old 'Webster')
v. To persist in an idea, purpose, or task despite obstacles.
-per'se-ver'ance n.
Just 8-weeks until we kick off the 2009 Perserverance Trail Run in Cumberland BC! This years run takes place: Sunday, October 25th at 11:00am at No. 6 Mine Park and there will be both a 3K XC romp and a 10K mountain run once again!
Need help preparing for this years run? Have no fear!
10K Training:: Join ELM's specialized 8-week 'Perseverance Adventure Running' clinic and train to run the hills of Cumberland. You will be ready to go the distance and complete the mountain run with strong hill climbing legs after this clinic!
3K Training:: Check out ELM's Free Online Training Programs to prepare for your first 3k run! Join ELM's Tuesday night Learn to Run clinic (for women only) if you need a little motivation and group support to keep you on track with your running:)
Ready, set, GO!

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