Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No, thank YOU.

I am inspired to blog after arriving home from my afternoon personal training clients.

I have been feeling TIRED lately. Just sleepy tired and a bit behind in the zzzz department. Dragging my heels a wee bit to get up and get going. YES, it is true! Even hyperactive Sarah get's tired now and then.

And without fail, I am re-energized, re-inspired and revived after meeting with my clients.
You fill me up and I thank you sincerely!

You make me laugh. You WOW me and you always inspire me with your dedication, determination and persistance.

You always thank ME for helping you, inspiring you and providing you with the tools (and kick in the pants) that you need to move.

But you may not realize that it is I who must thank YOU for all you give me.



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