Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom and Last Week in Pics

I can't believe nearly a week has past since my last post! It has been full on summer fun all week as I have been trying to make the most of each of these beautiful summer days:)

Training has been going well as my legs have now fully recovered and I have been able to add speed work and increased running mileage to my calendar over the past 3 weeks once again.

Biking is as fun as always ( I know I really must take it more seriously if I want to improve but...I just feel like a kid on my bike!) and strength training has come back onto my plate as well.

The only thing missing is that darn kayaking sport...heres hoping my lake swims are counting as cross training for the water sport...

Here is how last week looked on the old training calendar:
  • Monday- day of rest (after a 24k Sunday run last week)
  • Tuesday- Trail Run: Max speed intervals. 6min loop with 2mins all out max speed and 4mins to get back to the start...5 intervals. These are soooo good for your running speed and leg turnover...not to mention mental determination! Strength & Power
  • Wednesday-XC Bike Cumberland (with a swim in hot Allen Lake of course)
  • Thursday- Adventure Trail Running (with a swim in hot Allen Lake of course) followed by outdoor Yoga with Sharon Daly Strength & Power
  • Friday- 1.5hr Bike from Comox Lake Dam...up B21 to 2 Sheiks (haven't done that climb in a while)...down Cabin Fever super duper fun! (swim in Comox Lake!)
  • Saturday- 1.5hr Bike in Cumberland...climb up the back way to the top of Bucket of Blood...down Bear Buns...Teapot...XC etc... Strength & Power
  • Sunday- 3hour trail run with the ELM Endurance Clinic
Read on for some pics from my week and my 'Wednesday Words of Wisdom' at the bottom of this posting...

This week the temps have cooled off, I got to teach ELM Womens Hiking, we are Adventure Running in Merville with Yoga on the beach, and Saturday I get to teach MOMAR 101 at the Comox Lake Dam! Good times!

Have a great week!
The beautiful Puntledge River called us back day after day this weekend to dip in her waters and cool off from the hot summer sun....

Secret spot...I'll never tell...

Sand dollars stay cool in the clear waters off Kye Bay...perfect spot to start the day on Monday, BC Day:)

Thistles amongst juicy blackberries along the cliffes the border Kye Bay beach....yup, sad but true I ate my first sweet blackberries this weekend and you know what that means...

Yuki loved the cool morning temps at the beach on Monday morning...

Yuki getting de-fluffed on the beach...that coat is just a bit excessive in a heat wave!

Simone and Kathy on our long Sunday morning trail run - heading to Nymph Falls on Twister trail...

Helmet off and ready for a soaking in the river above the resevoir on Bucket of Blood in Cumberland...

Mama Bears was our cooldown at the end of last Thursdays ELM Adventure Run in Cumberland...

Kickin up dust on Broadway in Cumberland...

Sunrise Bootcamp did not disappoint at Kin Beach...warming up our balance systems on a beach log with the best view in the Valley:)


I have been scrounging around to try and find a new summer read that will force me to practice the 'art of doing nothing' once and a while, without much luck. So, I looked over my familiar bookshelf one more time and decided to re-read a 'contemporary classic' that is said to hold many life lessons...The Alchemist.

I don't read books twice...or watch movies twice...ever. It absolutely kills me to waste precious moments of my short life redoing things when I have a list that I won't ever be able to get to the bottom of even if I live to be 100.

BUT I also have a terrible black hole of a memory so really this is like reading The Alchemist for the very first time! If you haven't read it, you must. It is a quick easy read that will inspire you to truck along and continue to reach for your dreams...

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to acheive: the fear of failure.
-Paolo Coelho, 'The Alchemist'

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