Monday, August 24, 2009

F.U.N. Weekend!

ELM ADVENTURE RUNNERS at the top of 'Cable Hill' after navigating to 'Cliffe Ave'. Nice route finding at last Thursdays run!
WHICH WAY? Choosing their route back to the dam after a super climb through some beautiful single track trails.

HORNBY ISLAND CREW! We had a fantastic day Island hopping on our bikes this Saturday at our first annual ELM Summer Cycle Tour!! Korky, Kathy, Lisa, Lynn and I had some great laughs, got a good workout and made some sweet memories together! Thanks for a fantastic day!See all the pics on the ELM Facebook page...

After biking across Denman we arrived at Hornby! We cycled for 50k in total on Saturday:)

After a day of riding, touring, snacking and chatting we arrived at the winery:))
Thanks for a great summer Saturday ladies!

John Simard trying to avoid my photo but I gotcha!! One of the best views in the Valley from 2 Sheiks...
Sunday was a great ride from Nymph up to Forbidden then all the way back down on the best flowly single track trails:) My little wee filly of a XC bike is starting to calm down and I am learning how to manage her on the descents slowly but surely. She still bucks me off now and then...woah filly!
I caught up with the Sunday Endurance Clinic at Nymph and they were all looking strong and full of energy 12k into their 29k loop. First of a few long runs preparing for the Royal Victoria Full Marathon in October...great job!!
And that brings us back to Monday...

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