Monday, August 17, 2009

Log Train Trail Run Half Marathon

LOG TRAIN TRAIL RUN: RACE REPORT! 19 ELM Racers head to Port Alberni to kick dust!

Perfect day for a sufferfest.

Ever had heart burn? I had never had the pleasure of experience this phenomenon, until that is, yesterday while I was mid way through a PB at the Log Train Trail Half Marathon.

I did end up taking 3 precious minutes ( *BIG SMILES* ) off my time from last year and finished in 1:46 (it's actually about 22k) but my joy was overshadowed by the sensation that an apple was stuck half way between my mouth and my stomach for about 50 minutes.

Not all races are fun. And I had one of those 'other' ones yesterday:)

First 7k was beautiful. I was on track and moving faster than ever but feeling just as good as ever. I ran my half in 3rds...first 3rd slightly easier than your goal pace (due to the wonderful but tricky effects of adrenaline). That was all good. No pain, just a smooth rhythm. It took me about 7k to relax however. I was on too much of a mission to keep pace until then.

Second 7k felt good and mod-hard. This third was to be run at a pace that was challenging but I thought I could keep up for the long haul. I did that. But at about 10k I suddenly felt what I thought was a huge bubble forming in my chest. I tried to breathe it away ... nothing. I tried to calm it away as anxiety crept into my chest along with it... nothing. I tried to burp it away- but those who know me know I never learned how to burp (but not without many attempted lessons from friends over the years who have thought they could teach me) so that was futile as well.

The baseball in my upper chest was not just painful, it was messing with my breathing, making it hard to get O2 in and making me nauseous. I had to slow down to make it calm down so I could get a few good breathes in and not chuck up my guts. No bueno on a hard run.

Finial Third- well, you can imagine it all compounding yaddayaddayadda...I was MORE than happy to cross the finish line:) Not exactly living in the moment and enjoying the beauty of nature on that run...

So c'est la vie for me. WaWaWa. I have had to deal with all sorts of discomfort and pain during endurance training and racing and somehow I manage to suck it up and move along without wasting too much energy on it. But for some reason this was different. There was fear in there along with the pain. I thought I might be having a heart attack or that I wouldn't be able to get enough air...crazy thoughts and crazy talk going through my already crazy head.

I whined about it alot after the race and look I am still whining about it now! OK BIG sorry to you all for that! I am officially putting it in the past (except I still have this echo of heaviness in my chest today- how long does this stuff last???).


This race was about the 18 other ELM racers who endured their own joys, suffering and range of emotions on the course:)

Our solid crew of Half Marathoners took to the trail to test out their 14 weeks of consistent training this summer. They ran to see what they were made of, to see how their training would pay off and to see how it would feel.

And they ran well. Really well! Congratulations to all of you for putting one foot in front of the other all summer and all through your finale run in Port Alberni!

Some had PB's- including all our first time racers of course!

Some took a wrong turn and did a 26k run:)

One (Cathy Livsey) did it all twice and ran the marathon.

All had BIG smiles when they stepped across that imaginary finish line ( you time yourself and stop around the spot you started:)

Here are some pics...the rest are on the ELM facebook page::

Michelle and Lance rushing the finish line in stride...

I LOVE THIS PIC! But I am sure Ruth will hate me for posting it! She was going to stop when she saw us thinking we were the finish line. BUT then we had to send her up the hill 40 meters to the real finish! She was mid-realization in this pic...

Lance is all smiles after 21.8k...

Megan and Ingrid finish their first Half Marathon together, along with Megans biggest fan...

See you next year!!!
((Except for those diehards who are carrying on to train for their first Marathon in 8 weeks- the Royal Victoria Marathon!! The long runs are just beginning...))

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