Friday, March 27, 2009

Post Op Report

Hello and, yes, happy Friday!
48 hours after my vein closure surgery and I have accepted my reality. 2 weeks until I can run (well, 12 days now) and seriously it will take me a couple weeks after that of carefully easing back into my mileage before getting back to where I was just a few days ago.

The surgery was, um, brutal to tell you the truth. I have endured much discomfort of the physical and mental kind through my life and work as a tree planter, firefighter and adventure racer. But...this... was so hard to take! Wide awake and just aching for it to be all over. V. weird. I won't lie, I was a mess and white as a sheet throughout the whole ordeal. They ended up making 3 separate incisions to tie off the damaged vein in 3 different spots. That is probably more than you wanted to know however! I will save you the images...but I did take pictures:)

Moving on. I survived of course and felt great (but a bit shakey:) walking right out of the hospital with a couple of tensors wrapping up my entire leg. I felt so good I considered going out for lunch. My aunt Julie who is a nurse at the Vic General hospital suggested that I go home instead. When the adrenaline and freezing wore off I understood why. Ick. Owe. Ohhh.

That's also when reality kicked in. I MUST rest and make sure that I heal fully and completely. The new priority is doing everything I need to support my recovery process.

Today I went for a 10 minute walk! Tomorrow I will see if I can drive my car. If so, I will be heading back to the Valley tomorrow. Crossing fingers! Will keep you up to date!

Keep on training for me! Those legs are a gift...not a given! So use em while you got em!

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Karen McKinnon said...

Take care of yourself - give me a shout if you need some good books to dig into! Hugs.