Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Weeks of Pics...Happy Friday!

Happy Friday and thank you for your blogging patience:) The past 2 weeks have been packed full to the minute and I am just starting to get caught up on emails, updates and projects. Busy...but self-inflicted of course! Here is an update of what I have been up to at ELM over the past couple of weeks:

Saturday, March 7: PERU information session at Jane Hays home. This was just awesome and Jane & I had an excellent time sharing the details of our exciting 2010 trekking trip. Jane spoke about the logistical details including accomodation and cultural excursions. I outlined the training requirements and group training program and then we had the owner of Karavanier, the guiding company, online via Skype to describe the trek to us in detail! It was awesome to launch this trip and we have a group of women who are already committed to taking on the challenge in 2010. View complete details online:

Chocolates handmade from Darkside Chocolates for our event: 68% cocoa dark Peruvian chocolates!

Thursday, March 5: Womens 10K clinic
We had a special guest speaker last week, Lene Curts, owner of Extreme Runners onsite to share the latest in technology for runners. The trends seem to be going green with natural fibres such as coconut husks! and bamboo! and using biodegradable materials in shoe outers. I always learn something new at these teck talks!

Mon-Thurs every week: Busy days filled with personal training and group fitness adventure sessions outdoors, in-home and at local facilities. The cold weather has meant some amazing blue sky days!

Wednesday morning training crew...push, jump, crunch!

Sunrise Bootcamp! Partner advanced core training...

Bootcamp at the playground...couldn't resist snapping this one as Lyse is tucked into a natural frame!

I haven't updated my own personal training schedule on the blog in a while but it has all been going very well and I am moving on up with speed and endurance training. At the end of this month, on the 25th I (get) have to go for vericose vein surgery which means I will be on the couch for up to 2 weeks- YIKES! I did not want to have the surgery at this time of year but I have been waiting 2 years and the doc says I really must have it (to avoid strokes and heart attacks and ulcers and all that great stuff) so I don't think I can say no. So, it is a couple more weeks of heavy training before taking a load off. My weekly training is looking like this these days:
Monday: Run Z3 and this week I started long hill repeats in Z3-4 on alternate weeks
Tuesday: Strength, Core, Flex
Wednesday: Brick workouts. 30-45 run and 30-45bike with transition practice. Just started moving outdoors for this one now that our indoor Adventure Mix class is finished for the season. And MAN do I love riding my mountain bike!
Thursday: Strength, Core, Flex and Run Z5 max speed intervals. Yikes these are tuff!
Friday rest or ride for pure fun:)
Saturday: Long Z1 Runs...I am up to 2.5hours so far.
Sunday: Mt. Bike and I need to start getting my volume up as I haven't riden for more than 1.5 or 2 hours very often. The snow is sucking and man I am a windchill wimp! It looks like warmer temps are on the way and my mt bike training will be increasing over the next 3 months significantly.
That's it that's all! Looking forward to a weekend of R&R and training of course- with another long run on Saturday and ride on Sunday. Brad caught a salmon and a couple hundred prawns yesterday so we will be eating like royalty this weekend!
Stay tuned for Q&A...

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