Monday, March 16, 2009

Go Speedracer Go!

Phew. Just got in from a wicked hard but great run. Plop down and stretch ...ahhhhh. The rain just started coming down during my cooldown and it was ohsorefreshing:)
I missed my Thursday interval session last week and managed to come down with a wee cold on the weekend so I have some makin up to do this week. Here is my run:

Max speed session...on mother natures 'track' along an old grown in logging road in my back 40 trail network...
Warm up 15mins to 'track'
Run max speed (aka road runner as fast as your little legs will go) 2mins then recover for 4.
Repeat 6 (yup that is what I said) times.
Goal: try to beat your distance each time. I used a couple of cairns to mark my distance and managed to (just) beat my distance each time. The last one was a tie really.
Cooldown with a big smile on my face 15mins.
60mins total time max heart rate 192:)

Gotta go eat some chili! Have a great week!

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