Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Lesson

Question: I ran in two different shoes last night...what does that mean?

Answer: Your nutz. And you are rushing way too fast through your life missing out on the joy of living. My advice is for you to stop. breath. and enjoy the moment you are in!

Hello! This weeks Q&A takes a spin as I ask the question this time around.

YES it is TRUE! Last night I got home just before 8pm after a Very Long Day and a Very Long Week and dropped my bag on the foyer floor when I noticed of my running shoes was on the floor under my bag. BUT...I thought...I am wearing those shoes...THEN I looked down at my own two feet and this it what I saw:

NO KIDDING! My super old super dead super 2007 just for wearing in the gym Adidas on my right foot and my new Adidas on my left. I almost peed myself laughing and then I had to snap a photo for you. I have no shame. Have you ever had one of those days? Those weeks? I hope you are nodding your head up and down cause this weeks Q&A was for you.



Audrey said...

OMG!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! Too funny!!! Thank you for that post, cause the one before, I am still bawling my eyes out over! Super hit me hard, that's for sure!
Have an awesome day 'In the moment"!

Alma said...

the worst part is that no one noticed. you could start a new trend.
See you in two weeks.

Kathy said...

Now that is funny!

You are so organized I would never expect this to happen to you! As always it was a supper class and killer hills as well. Thanks....seriously :)

Cheers Kathy

Indigo Eve said...

and none of us noticed either...


Anonymous said...

ahahahahhaha That is so funny. I wish I was there to see that

Pascale ;)