Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Weekend!

Notes from my weekend Triathlon Community Coaching Workshop...can you guess which one I drew with my team?

Happy Monday!

I had one of those weekends that was booked solid from start to finish- with fun stuff of course! I like to alternate one crazy packed weekend with one weekend of r&r and this weekend fit the bill for being jam packed!
Saturday I started with a 3.5hour bike/run workout.

Took off from home on my and spent 30 minutes playing in the trails behind Lake Trail school.
Self Portrait carrying my life on my back...

Transition to run at Cathy's house...where we took off for a relaxing (but long) 2.5hour run out to the Comox Lake Dam and back via the river trail. I was GPSing the river trail for my Puntledge River trail marker project. I am working with BC Hydro and the other landholders to mark each kilometer on the Puntledge River Trail loop that goes from the Duncan Bay Main and back up the other side. I hope to have it completed by spring!
How the hell do you turn this thing on???
Map of the Puntledge River Trail loop...
Transition back to bike at Cathy's house...then back home where Mission Hill was waiting for me after nearly problem! The extra time on the bike actually did my legs a favor and I know that I was feeling better for it for sure.
Fuel for the workout:
2 Chocolate Cranberry energy bars (ala Sherry's recipe)
1 Fruit Bar
Mega water

Quick shower and lunch then it was off to the start of my weekend workshop: NCCP Community Triathlon Coaching. Our instructor Koach Kristine was excellent and kept us alert with plenty of movement, games, team activities and group input. I will hope to take on some teaching ideas from her for sure! A few of my buddies were in the course too: Darcy, Pascale, Audrey and Penny...
Working hard at school...Look at the cool World Championship hat I won!

HA! Audrey had to pay like $5000 for her hat went she paid to play at the national training camp...


I had to skip out of class early to get to Nymph Falls for a 4pm pick up from our Coastal Trek chariot drivers: Mike and Shane. Saturday afternoon we enjoyed our annual snowshoe romp and feast at Coastal Trek Lodge! The weather was perfect and we had a panoramic view of the Valley and Coast mountains from Forbidden Plateau ski hill. We played in the snow for over 1.5hours and enjoyed a hike (straight) up the mountain:) before turning around and winding our way through a forest path all the way to the Lodge. Andrea had the Christmas lights on and we were welcomed to the smell of mulled wine and cedar...yummy!

Trina literally picked this guy up on the hike...don't tell Ed!

Look at this table!

We warmed up by the fire with appies (OMG artichoke dip hello) and bevvies then enjoyed a fabulous dinner together at their gigantic dining room table. Apres dinner we were spoiled with yummy homemade cupcakes by the fire and a soak in the hottub...while the snowflakes started to fall.
Korky get your finger out of there!

Another fantastic evening! We are already planning for 2010 where we decided we will head up a couple of hours earlier so we could spend more time relaxing in the lodge...and book massages! And maybe we will even sleep over:)

Sunday: Was back to class from 9-4 for more fun triathlon coaching ideas.
Good times...but now I need a weekend!

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Korky said...

Thanks Sarah for the fun time and coastal trek for the yummy food! Fun was had by all!!!