Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hola! I missed my quote post on Wednesday so here goes...

I know I have quoted Perseverance before...but it just really sticks with me as a key value for becoming successful. Getting back up after being knocked down. Trying again. Fix the flat...get back on track...

Here is what old Webster has to say about it:

per-se-vere. To persist in an idea, purpose or task, despite obstacles.

This last bit is the key: Cause it ain't perseverance if there aren't any obstacles.

per-sist. To continue in existance :: endure.

It is the battles, the struggles and the challenges that shape us (and tone us:). And really...the gift is the ability to battle, struggle and persevere towards our fitness goals. Not everyone is so fortunate. Your body is a gift. Use it.

This link was recently sent to me and I want to thank you Susan W cause it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Watch it when you are feeling like you CAN'T.


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Alma said...

thanks for the link Sarah. I have seen it many times and seen interviews but today I needed to see it one more time. I'm off and running.