Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the winner is...


Thank you to all of you who entered the ELM 8 Year Birthday Contest! And the winner of the ELM 'Home Gym' draw is:


Diana's ELM Home Gym Prize Package includes:
ELM Daily Fitness Log
ELM Running Cap
Exercise Ball
Stalstix Tubing
Aeroskip Jump Rope
Valued at well over $110!

Diana's testimonial was from an ELM Team Member perspective:

I'm into the bush for a last nervous pee when I hear, "DIANA!!!!!!!!" Oh, oh, I
think, despite sharing a name with both a princess and a goddess, I know that
can only be me. The runner for the first leg has arrived and I have my pants
down around my ankles!

Yes, despite a shakey start, I am still a part of
the ELM Snow to Surf team. Every spring I am so relieved that I have not been
voted off as the weakest link, I leap at the chance to participate once more.
Memories of sore glutes are a distant memory. I only remember the fun getting to
know other team members, eating a scrumptious prerace potluck and doing my best
on race day to pass more runnes than those that pass me!

Gee, I hope I
get invitied again next year - I have my ELM shirt, Sarah!

Diana Olsen
Grade 5 Valley View

I will post the other entries on the blog over the next while and you will be able to read more ELM tales on the new ELM website which will be ready any day now!!


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