Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello Again!
I have had a wet and wild morning so far - starting with a swim at Vanier Track! I met up with my Monday morning semi-private training crew and we were greeted with a lake view! It has rained close to 100 mms over the past 24 hours and they are expecting just as much over the next 24hours!

Town is a total zooooo! Old highway is shut down by Lewis Park and the road is completely flooded so that only leaves 1 road into town...which means...bumper to bumper big city traffic:) It took Brad an hour to get from our house across the 17th st bridge this morning...that is like maybe 3 kms.

Bridges and roads are washed out all over the Valley so you might as well stay at home if you can and avoid the insanity.

I decided to get out for a run during a break in the rain but the skies opened up the second I hit the road of course! No matter- the trails are rivers and you are going for a swim regardless! Had a GREAT run working the old Zone 5 and nearly dieing in the process. 5 sets of 2mins max speed with 4 mins recovery. Got the heartrate up to 192...needs to get higher...must go faster...

I am sad to say I will miss ELM Need for Speed class this week as I have to head over to Vancouver on Thursday afternoon. They will get the joy of the max speed repeat experience as well...

Brad & I both have courses on the mainland so we are going to make a weekend of it. If you know us you know our favorite saying about Vancouver: "Best view of Vancouver is in the rear view mirror!" . I know we are total island hicks. Haven't been to Van in like 8 years or more. I am driving. Should be an adventure in itself.

I am taking a fun course with NCCP: Intro to competition for Mt. Biking. It will all be theory so I will miss my bike unfortunately! Will have to make up for it this week and next...

I got my winter tires on my old Giant Reign and she is all ready for winter riding! Grippy, heavy and so much fun:) I think I will put the Anthem filly on my trainer ... and get some good intervals out of her indoors on icy days...

Happy Trails!

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