Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"SNo" Way!

My friends are crazy.

Well, I guess I am too by the looks of that photo above. That is me throwing a snwoball at Liz this morning around 7:30am at the top of Bear Buns in Cumberland.

Yesterday afternoon Greg and I went for a fantastic ride in Cumby. It was cold and there were a few flakes falling around us at the high spots but the trail was clear at that point.

We climbed the road and it was work once again - now that I am back on my heavy Reign and have my winter tires on the old tank. Squish squish...this will make me fitter come spring was all I kept thinking.

On the way down I was SO happy to be on the heavier bike however! It is so forgiving and pulled me out of a few close calls as the trail turned to squishy slippery mud in a few spots. F. U. N.

Sykes bridge is clear now but apparently 2/3rs of it was washed over by the river earlier this week. It held up well thanks to some stellar building skills from Terry & Al of the River Rats.

One of the bridges got wiped out on Short and Curly however, and we found it high and dry a few meters down stream. Although the water levels have calmed down slightly it is still an awesome sight so I recommend you go for a hike, run or bike this week to check it out!

Liz, capris?? Seriously!

This morning I joined Liz on her daily hill run and we started out in the dark just before 7am in Cumby. Soon we were in snow and the trail brightened up before our eyes! We climbed up the old Ginger Minge and then linked in with the top section and climbed up to the top of Bear Buns via Dodge Balls. Since our ride yesterday, there were at least 8 inches of fresh snow easily in some spots!

I told Liz she should make a snow angel.

Liz is a bit of a nut it turns out and she took me up on it...

One day I will remember that I can't record video in the 'portrait' angle...anyways here is your snow angel!
Happy Trails!

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