Monday, November 16, 2009


Happy Monsoon Monday!

Another week has flown by...and I have been too busy to blog! Lot's of fun training, playing in the snow (and the rain), writing, working on ELM projects and a nasty little trip to the veinman amongst it all.

Last weekend we went to Vic to visit my family and I had a follow up treatment with Mr. Veinman. This time was nearly painless, however, as he just had to inject (7 needles)saline into my vein to get it to seal up and die off once and for all. He was oddly excited about his mission - but to each their own. I have one more treatment in December so hopefully we will get our 'closure' on this vein.

Drs orders: 3 days with ZERO movement meant I was ready to giver hard once my time was up. Great runs and rides followed along with some delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS for going out of the gates a bit too quick. Oooops. Note from coach Sarah: Warm up thoroughly before performing plyometrics.

I also got 'closure' on my first book! I spent hours and hours over this past weekend madly writing the final chapters of my book: Fit & Free 7 Steps to Achieving Fitness for does that sound? The title isn't quite finalized but you get the idea. If you have (or anyone you know has) ever struggled to stay on the fitness train over the long haul then this book is for you. Now it needs to be edited, formatted and sent to the publisher! Look out!

I had a rediculously wet run this morning...and will post the pics following this blogpost...for now here are some pics from the rest of my week!

John, Liz and I on our way UP the hills above the Dam. This shot is from Tomato Creek Hill and you can see the Comox Glacier is just loaded with snow from our big dump last week.
On the way down Dirty Jane! Crazy winter wonderland up there! I was not mentally prepared for that but it sure was amazing:) Crunchy grippy, bright fresh snow! Perfect for running...and tracking the deer...tonnes of tracks...where there are deer...

My shoes are dirty.

Have a great soggy day!

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