Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tick Season

View above Ripple Rock

It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday, so Brad, Yuki and I took off to Campbell River to check out a trail that has been on our list, well, forever really. Finally we made it to Ripple Rock! Although the trail was amazing and the scenery was supernatural I had a crazy creepy experience...meeting my first tick! After an hour of steady hiking we made our way up to the sunny rock outcropping above (what used to be) Ripple Rock. We spent some time enjoying the view and watching in awe a large fishing troller trying to hold its ground in the Seymour narrows amongst massive whirlpools that dwarfed the boat in size. Very cool spot.

Yuki post mud puddle romp

After enjoying the view and scouting around the rocky bluffs we started to make our way back to the trail. That's when I felt a pinch on my right arm...1 inch down from my armpit on the soft underarm skin...I looked and saw a bug so I tried to flick it off my arm. It didn't move. That's when I realized it was a tick...embedded into my skin. SICK. Although I wanted to scream and throw my arms in the air my better judgement grabbed hold of the creepy thing as close to the skin as possible and gave it a great yank. It pulled free and I hurled that bug over the cliffe with serious vigor. What remained was a crater shaped hole and a painful, burning welt on my arm. Today the whole area is sore-right into the muscle below. In all my years working and playing in the bush that was my first tick - and hopefully my last! But, alas it is tick season so for all of you playing outdoors here is some info for ya:

Granddaddy Doug Fir

The hike itself is a must-do if you are in the area. It is 4kms to the look out with a few ocean viewpoints along the way. 8km return took us 2hours exactly and Brad was wearing crocks. This would be a great run/hike as 75% of the trail is runnable with a few short scrambles-Yuki had no problem and he is a big (and getting old) dog. There are several bridges including a sweet suspension bridge right at the start of the trail. Brad did his best to rock me off of course...
Brad rockin the suspension bridge

The trees in there are fantastic- huge old Doug Firs, endless sea of Sword Ferns and plenty of birds and deer in the area. We even spotted an Elk track on the trail. Here is some info on the trail:

I am just getting ready for a big Kusam training session today out at Comox Lake...up up up then down down down. Will blog the gory details!

Have a fantastic weekend!



Jen said...

I did Ripple Rock a few yars back and really loved the make me want to head out there again this summer before we leave...maybe with Nate on my back!

Sarah said...

If you have time to go again this summer you should...such an amazing forest and view from the top! Wear longsleeves and a hat!
PS how are the push ups going?