Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The final results for this weekends MOMAR Squamish have been posted and you can check them out along with photos online: http://mindovermountain.com/momar/past_races/past_races.htm . Kudos to Jen Segger Gig for designing a wickedly challenging course and sharing fantastic trails with us all.
My race brokedown something like this:
Trek #1 Bike #1 & Orienteering: 1:52
Bike #2: 2:02
Trek #2 (including rappel): 1:15
Bike #3: :32
Finish Time: 5:42:39
What I ate: 4 litres H20 with 2 of those containing E-Load...1 pack Cliffe Shot Blocks (2 servings)...1 Luna Bar...1 pack Sharkies...handfuls of pretzels.

What I learned:
One of my favorite things about racing is getting schooled-really I mean the learning experience is huge. I love that I learn something new from my own mistakes and from the skills of other racers in every race I enter. This race was no exception and I got to take home some lessons...
1. Don't mess with your equipment at the last minute. I know I know I tell YOU this all the time!! But I still made a couple of small changes to my plan in the days leading up to the race-which came back to haunt me in on the course:: Ran in my newer Montrail hardrock sneakers and got the nastiest blisters I have ever experienced on my heels. OUCH. I had done a big 2.5hour run in these already and didn't think I would have a problem but the conditions just weren't the same. These shoes are super responsive, grippy but have absolutely zero forgiveness (no cushioning) and I think it caught up with me. Lesson learned....The day before the race I also cut off the extra webbing on my pack straps trying to streamline my gear and prevent them from catching on things in the bush. Well, apparently I should have measured twice and cut once because my straps ripped right out of my pack when I tried to stuff in my shoes in the heat of the moment. Should have measured out the straps with my pack completely loaded (water, shoes, gear, rappel kit etc). Lesson learned...
2. Learn from your previous mistakes-and make corrections to your plan accordingly. The second part is the key with this one. Last year I ran out of water in the Squamish MOMAR cause I skipped the one water station trying to make up time (after a 30 minute detour off course on the bike). Thinking I had more than enough water with me I soon ran out and cramped like I have never cramped before. Lucky to make it to the finish line in that one. This year I was a good girl and stopped at the water station-but once again I was feeling rushed to keep my lead and didn't fill it all the way-screwing myself in the end. The extra 10 seconds it would have taken to completely fill my water would have gone a long way when I was shuffling along the final trek with nasty cramps. Lesson learned...
3. Go Faster. Sounds obvious I know! But it is easy to lose intensity during a race where you don't see any other racers for huge chunks of time. I often found myself completely alone and had to continuously remind myself that this was a race and I needed to run like I was being chased. Also, pacing is so key-but pacing too slowly bites you in the but at the end of a race too. Remembering that each leg will be over in an hour or two and knowing when the body will have recovery time means you can work harder than you sometimes think. That one is super individual and pacing is a skill that takes a lifetime (and then you die) to master. Lesson learned...
4. Commit to your decisions and follow through with intensity. Standing around humming and hawing over which route to take is a complete waste of time. Make your decision and commit to it 100%.
There are many more lessons but I don't want to bore you with the dirt and the details. Best that we both get off the computer and get back to what we love best...



Cindy said...

You are a machine, just looked up the results. you beat the next single female by 57 mins and the next one was beat by 1 hour 34 min. Wow! I think taking a few extra minutes or more to think about the route was beneficial and your times show you raced smart.

johanna gunn said...

You were being chased!
good to see you again
take care,
Jo xo