Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Cindy Steuart and Kim Griffiths completed the Vancouver Marathon this past Sunday AND...both qualified for Boston 2009! Congratulations to these ELM ladies for all of their hard work, dedication and committment training for and racing in the marathon! Here are some of Cindy's words after completing the marathon... Looking forward to your Boston report!

Kept thinking about the wall at 20 miles, used lots of mental talking, I can do this, I am trained, blah blah blah in between lots of oh my god this hurts I should stop and walk. Kept watching the watch and knew I was doing well. Then it was just run to the next mile maker and you can walk, but I kept on going, the last 10 km felt like it took forever but it was 55 mins. That last climb up Burrard Street bridge sure made the quads scream, but from that point it was only 2 km left to go. Then there was the sign "1 Mile To Go" All I thought about was this is 4 times around the track, you can do it, push push push. The crowds were large, the people were cheering, and I was smiling. 3 Hours 42 Mins and 31 Secs. 8 minutes quicker than I needed for Boston. What a feeling. Kim finished her race, with those tears in her eyes as we were amazed at the watching reading 4 Hrs 5 Mins 00 secs. exactly what was need for Boston, We hugged our families,
enjoyed the glory, got our medals, our finishers shirts and went for a Beer! "it's gotta a be noon somewhere". A special thank you to Sarah, if it wasn't for her advertisement in the paper for bootcamp several years ago and encouraging me, I would never be posting this note, feeling this high and Going to BOSTON.

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Yan, Kim & Nicholas Sénéchal said...

How inspiring! Brings flashbacks of my own final 10K after hitting what I thought was the wall...and hitting it over and over again :) Please pass on my congrats to the ladies! Kim S.